Trick or Treat!

A Game Keeper Special Edition

The street lights flicker on with a crackle as the setting sun pulls shadows across the ground. The air is crisp, and the colorful leaves of fall crunch under your feet as you walk. All around you are families in costumes, from zombies to witches to princesses and crime fighting super heroes and everything in between. You yourself are feeling awfully dapper in your:
Renaissance era garb, complete with a shiny crown and a hilted sword 
Red spandex, black boots, and blue cape- the perfect color combination for fighting crime
Cat ears, oversized paws and big floofy tail
Torn, bloodstained clothing and a prosthetic third eye
Eye patch, peg leg and a fake beard, a parrot on your shoulder
Gigantic, blow-up dinosaur costume with little arms and an off-balanced head
White lab coat, scrubs, fake fangs and a name tag that reads Dr. Acula