"Break A Leg"

Elephant & Castle

INTRO TEXT: Another day without Power and the city has continued to suffer. The dense population of London has been ripped apart, displaced and decimated. Buildings that were not hit by falling aircraft are now being felled by gas explosions as fires rage through the city feeling on dormant gas lines and tanks of gasoline.
As Jake reaches Elephant & Castle, a massive gas explosion has just hit a block of flats, and the causalities are piling into a local medical centre for help. Jake is pulled into the clinic by a woman in despair, is there anything he can do to help her son?
(START) The woman who dragged me in here is digging her nails into my arm. She’s wailing and shaking. The boy is limp in her arms. Fair hair thick with dust and blood. He’s unconscious. His leg is mangled. Shinbone pierced through skin. He’s losing blood. Fast.
I take the boy to a vacant mattress on the ground. The blood is pooling around him already. If he carries on losing blood, he will die, but the wound is so dirty it will inevitably become infected.
You need to clean the wound first
You need to stop the bleeding