The Swing


It was windy climate, grasses waving like a young pony's tail, withered leaves changing its position like a wanderer. I was walking on a lonely road playing with a doll which I took from my friend without her knowledge, due to the wind...nothing can be heard, even mother washing her dishes or father starting his motor or little puppy's this absolute silence I heard the gentle movement of a<i> swing ....</i>.A swing was moving in the direction of the wind all by itself, as i walked past the swing it seems as if it was calling me. The brown chained swing with a cushion like wooden seat was tied below a huge tree. The wind suddenly changed its direction and started blowing towards me. As the wind blew the swing too started swinging my direction. I could smell the old wooden seat as the swing just passed my nose while swinging, it was such a fun to see the swing. I was really excited to experience the swing. I took a huge leap from the place I stood and landed in front of the swing, by holding the brown chain of the swing in my hand, i sat on the swing slowly trying to record each and every moment. I could feel the coldness of the seat and understood that it was so old swing and remained lonely. The wind was so appealing and I started swinging. With the help of my hands and feet I gently pushed the ground and the chain to move the swing, I was enjoying myself there...that moment. As my momentum rose, I can't feel the ground, it seemed as if the ground below me just disappeared. I could also feel that I was swinging in such a height above the ground. The swing was rising higher and higher...I could see the clouds and the not-so-clearly-visible sun. I know that swinging till this height is not possible for me. It seemed as if the <i>tree </i>was pushing me. With a slight confusion and determination to find out how is this possible I turned back. OOH NO!!...I was <i>true!</i> The tree itself with its branched hands was pushing the swing as playful as a child. Is this possible?! I wondered...It took some time for me to realize that it is true. After such a unusual event I din't want to stay there. I looked down to step my feet on the ground, but I was swinging in a great height from the ground. But I don't want to stay here, so I closed my eyes and came to edge of the swing to jump from it. I counted in my mind to make myself ready...1...2...3...JUMP! With a huge thud I landed on the ground. I again wanted to make sure whether this happening is true. I turned around and prayed this was all just my mind playing games that the tree is pushing the swing. I wanted this to stop. As I saw the tree it stopped pushing the swing, but the hands came straight towards me, it was obvious that the tree wanted me. I prepared to run and as if a cop chasing a thief! I ran with great speed and tried to run away from the tree's boundary. But my speed cannot compensate the tree's hands. I chased with a greater speed and caught me! I pushed, I kicked, but the tight grip din't leave me. I thought " is it going to gobble me". The tree closely examined me and reached its woody fingers into my pocket. It took out the doll which I stole from my friend and loosened it's grip. I, again, fell down with a thud. I watched the tree walking away with the doll, I can't see my doll...not <i>my doll, </i>taken away. I slowly opened my mouth to ask the tree for <i>my doll. </i>The tree suddenly turned around and gave a huge <i>scream! </i>Without thinking another second I ran and ran and ran.....
The ground below me started to disappear, I felt something soft, something like a <i>pillow.</i> I tried to opened my eyes, a small ray of light tickled my eye. I woke up with a scary excitement. I grassy environment now looked like my bedroom, the ground felt like my soft bed and now everything came to my mind...<i>it was all a dream. </i>I scratched my head and laid down in my bed thinking about the dream. Nothing seemed true now, but, one thing was clearly true, that the tree came for the doll i had. I made up my mind from now on I should not steal anything, or else <i>the swing </i>and <i>the tree</i> would come for me!