Integrating iPads into Your Classroom

Arielle Hugel

You are a seventh grade teacher and your school is introducing a technology initiative that gives each student an iPad. While you are excited about the potential opportunity to revolutionize teaching and learning in your classroom, you are also concerned about the impact the iPads could have on your students. You are trying to create a lesson plan but you feel overwhelmed by the multitude of options. In your research on how to integrate the iPads into your classroom, you learn about the SAMR model (Substitution Augmentation Modification  Redefinition). The SAMR model offers a way of thinking about how technology impacts teaching and learning.
<i><b>S</b>ubstitution</i>: iPads are used to for the same task as was done before the use of computers and offers no functional change. Technology is only slightly enhancing original activity.
Augmentation: iPads act as an effective tool for performing common tasks. While here the iPad is acting as a direct tool substitute, it offers some functional improvements. Technology is only enhancing original activity, not transforming.
Modification: With this step, the iPad goes from enhancing traditional classroom practices to truly transforming classroom activities. The iPads allow for dramatic task redesign. Technology is beginning to transform what was previously possible.
Redefinition: iPads allow for new activities that were previously inconceivable.Technology transforms the lesson.
With the SAMR model in mind, you try to create lesson plans that integrate the iPad for your class. What area do you want to make a lesson plan for?