Blinding Light

Ryan James Scott

Long ago, the people of the land lived in harmony. They took and gave to the forest, and the world was at peace. They stayed in one big group, and worked together constantly. Until, one day, people started leaving the forest onto the plains. Creating houses of stone, burning countless fires, polluting the earth, and creating powerful weapons. The people of the forest confronted them, but they were attacked. These new people created Ilks. They adopted the forest people’s speech, but rejected their loyalties to them and their religions. Brother turned on brother, sister against sister, parent against child, it was a bloody warfare. Their metal blades broke the woodland peoples crystal swords. They were killed off little by little. The Ilk people banished them from the land they inhabited. The people traveled far and wide for decades, trying to find new land. They became nomads, crossing giant plains looking for salvation. Finally, they came across a huge forest with streams running through it and plenty of prey. They bedded down there and had a meeting. The people asked themselves where would reside. In the end, they all decided underground. They dug tunnels underground near the mountains and lived there for decades. Many years later, people emerged from their dusty caverns into the forest which had grew immensely. They split it between themselves and created four groups. They were just groups then, but for now they were happy with that. They met up with themselves every month to check in with each other. Finally, someone concluded they needed to be separate completely. They agreed on names and sent each other on their ways. The group of earth was named the Earth Kith. The group closest to the Sky was called the Sky Kith. The group that worshipped fire dawned the Fire Kith name. The group who lived nearest to water named themselves the Water Tribe. As people grew old, the Kith grew in size. They needed a leader to take up these positions. They took those with great ability and skill at leading to be leaders. The leader bloodline was kept alive, leaders choosing their Littles as the Proxy of their Kith. They grew and grew, and another Ilk appeared. This one was small, and far from the forest. The Kith didn’t think much of it, so they ignored them. They all aged and then the next generation of Kith members came…“May come back here!” Screamed a burly man as he ran after a small girl. The girl was running off after a butterfly, he looked young and wise. May ignored him and kept running. She looked back, frowning. “What?”Her foot snapped forward, flinging her body forward into the river. She flailed her arms in the water, thrusting upwards gasping for air. She glimpsed at the shore where Whisker, her best friend, was running after her with a vine in his hand. She called for him desperately, “Whisker!”She gasped as her body was flung against a boulder, she tumbled down the river and the world around her went black. As she was waking up, she heard a soft voice shaking her. “Hey. you okay?”May groaned and rolled her head to the side. She studied the boy beside her. He had black hair and blue eyes. His physique was nothing special for a kid, but his face was muscular and fierce. Her eyes glimmered as her voice was caught in her throat. She noticed someone run over to them, glancing at the kids. “You kids okay? I ran as soon as I saw the girl floating! Is she awake?”“Yeah Peak. She’s fine. Hows Howl doing?”“He just ran off after helping your friend here? Say Little, What is your name?”“M-May. May from the FireKith.”