Lack of Eucatastrophe

Sage Severson

Hello. You as a new writing center tutor are about to experience what it means to edit and teach others at and with writing. At least, that’s what you may think.
You see new tutor, writing centers are places for far more than just fix-it shops. As a fellow writer and peer, you are there to engage and work with other writers, not their writing.
Of course this means you'll be taking a look at lots of papers and prompts, but understand that is not the point of writing centers. To sum up one of the most-prominent writing center motto-- make better writers, not writing!
On that note, it is your job to provide a nurturing environment for all clients. However, the contemporary lens society has put on us ostracizes certain sections of the population. This includes how we view certain genders, races, sexual orientations, etc. Thus, it is also your duty to break down these lenses and be inclusive to all.
In this adventure, you will find yourself in different situations that question and challenge societal norms in the writing center. The different choices you make will affect you later on, so be aware of how your decisions affect yourself and others. Upon making a choice, if you see "*<i>Footnote</i>", make a note on your footnote sheet. At the end of your adventure, take a look at the footnotes you came across for explanations and theory.
Don't worry, more will be explained starting tomorrow when you wake up. You'll be working three days a week. For now, what should I call you? Keep in mind, tutor-coordinator privacy laws are quite the stir nowadays, so what would be most comfortable for you to be summed up as?
Hmm... I don't know, something masculine sounding.
Whatever you choose, make it feminine.
I don't feel comfortable being assumed henceforth by this decision.