Great Portland Street_2

3rd Person Limited

Jake dusted the concrete from his eyes and checked his face and body for injuries. No blood, no broken bones. A good start.
There had been a sudden darkness, "that would be the blackout part, they predicted". Then screams, distant and near, "general devastation and widespread panic was definitely on the list of possible outcomes" he thought. Then the was that whomp, whomp, whomp, like a helicopter moving in slow motion. "Experts had said there was a risk of aircrafts losing immediate power and their GPS systems." Then there was that ear splitting noise of glass and concrete and metal on metal, when his whole home had shook and was, quite literally, torn in half. No one had said a helicopter was likely to crash into his lounge, but I guess you can't predict everything...
A solar flare eh? This felt more like Armageddon than a brief power shortage.
A solar flare?