Mordania and the Sixth Spectrum


The Sixth Spectrum is a universal kingdom. It consists of six planets where different types of creatures live. One girl changed that kingdom forever, banishing the evil lasting over the subjects' heads. This is only the beginning of this triumph.
I immediately pulled my hand back into the safety of shadows. The sunlight burned me. Tears well up in my eyes, but I suppress the urge to cry out. I'm only here to warn my lycanthropic friend, Ashlyn, about the forthcoming dangers.
Currently, I stand in the shade of a human classroom. Ashlyn attends a traditional human school to keep The Law Council from discovering her presence. Lycanthropic beings are a threat to The Council.
In our history, lycanthropic beings have been known as a cause to raging wars between worlds.  Our world, Mordania, is the world that belongs to Supernatural beings, such as lycanthropies (like Ashlyn), vampires (like me), ghosts, witches and warlocks, and so on.
I pull out my cell phone and text Ashlyn one more time. I really don't want to have to go track her down in this impossible world. After I hit send, my phone vibrates. I look at the screen. She FINALLY texted me back!
Ashlyn: Wassup girl?
Lynn: What's up? That's all you have to say right now?!
Ashlyn: Uh, yeah, kinda. So what happened that's so                                              important to interrupt me now?
Lynn: Get down to the psychology classroom. I'll be                                           waiting.
I flip my phone shut and lean against the wall. Some people never learn the importance of communication. At least I got through to her and she responded.
I hear footsteps in the hallway. Bracing myself for a tough conversation, I try to clear my thoughts. The doorknob to the psychology classroom turns, and in walks Ashlyn.
Her red hair is tied back in a tight bun. She's wearing yoga pants and a tank top, her skin wet with perspiration.
She walks towards the back of the class, where I am, and sits down on a desk, looking straight at me.
“Well?” she asks expectantly.
“Ashlyn, I'll only be here for a few more minutes before I have to leave, so I wanted to warn you,” I say.
“About what exactly?”
“You could die at the hands of The Council.” There. I waited for her reaction. I expect just a little yelling.
She just sits there and nods. “Anything I missed when I first came here, perhaps?”
I look at her. Does she even care of her own life is at risk? “Um...are you going to try to, I don't know, possibly save your own life?” I tell her.
Ashlyn just stares at her feet. She doesn't say anything for a minute, and then looks up. “I figure that if I do want to save my life, then it will probably involve you. And we're only teenagers, so it's very likely that The Council will find us and sentence us. For me, that means my parents lose one of their children and they go back into ultimate hiding while The Council tries to find them out. For you, that means your family will be dishonored for all eternity and be surveillance constantly. Everyone will doubt them and you will condemn them to some kind of treacherous death planned by The Council.”
I just gape at her. She does think ahead. Very far into the future. “Say they don't find us. What will we do then?” I already know the answer, but I ask anyways.
Ashlyn smiles. “We destroy them. Forever. Never to be heard of again. And The Sixth Spectrum will be free to do whatever, as long as permitted.” Her way of thinking is having complete freedom, with no rulers to take command of the worlds.
In my mind, at least a little order is needed, but not full-on dictation like The Council does. The jade on my necklace starts to glow. I look over at Ashlyn and wave my hand good-bye. I melt into the shadows and Revert back to Mordania, in the Sixth Spectrum.
I sat on the edge of the sofa of my living room, getting yelled at by my father. He was raging at me for not coming home by dinner when I said I was hanging out with my friends. In truth, I was warning Ashlyn.
“-you should know better! I expected better of you! I also trusted you to come back at the right time, not to fool around and be...stupid!” he bellowed at me.
I just sat there, staring at the floor between my sneakers. I really didn’t care for any of the yelling and lecturing, as long as nobody hit me. But I lead my parents to believe that I cared about my reputation anywhere, even at home, because here on Mordania, everyone knows about your life.
The government is ruled by Ostlyn, supposedly the smartest planet in the Sixth Spectrum. They have big brains and green skin covering their organs. I think they look repulsive, like a lot of people on other planets, such as Aphasia. Aphasians are well-known for being athletic and their purple skin.
I turn back to the yelling of my father. He was quiet now and looking at me expectantly,
“Well?” he barked.
I sigh. “I’m very sorry for staying so late out last night, Father. And to make up for it, I will volunteer at the kitchen in town. “
“No. You will not resign to that. I have a far better punishment for you, Lynn.” He looked me in the eye. I saw a cold and heathen father standing before me. “You will go to the Center of House Studies and continue life on there. You have been out of the house too much, and I think it’s time I made some decisions around here for you,”
I shake my head in disbelief. “No. You wouldn’t.”
He takes a letter out of his pocket and hands it to me. “Yes. And I already did.”
I opened the letter and looked at the writing. At the top was my name, and below it, a notification that I have been accepted at the school. I threw it beside me and stood up in front of my father.
“No! You can’t do this to me! I haven’t even begun my life yet, and you are throwing it away with the trash! I won’t go through with it!” I run out of the room and out the door. I ran all the way to the end of the street, tears streaming down my face until I stop and I think. I need to get to Ashlyn on Earth, but I need to be discreet. And I need to be able to walk out in pure sunlight. I smile to myself, and put my head down, walking to Seraza’s.
As I walk out of town, I notice a few people staring at me and murmuring. They must be my father’s colleagues. I don’t care; I’m on a mission. At a brisk pace, I turn towards the woods that surround Swynhall. Most of our legends originate from there.
I reach the edge of the woods and stop. For a moment, I hesitate, not knowing what to expect. Maybe some beast that can bite me in half? I cringe at the thought, ignoring my senses and entering the woods.
Surprisingly, it was pleasant there and I only saw the harmless little creatures. This happens in every story, I think. And something bad is about to happen. I swear.  But nothing happened. I reached a little clearing and looked around to get my bearings. A little hut stood in one of the corners. Silently, I smiled to myself. Here we go.
I went to the door and knocked, butterflies fluttering through my stomach. A woman’s raspy voice answered me.
“Go away!”
I purse my lips. “Sezara, I need something,” I said.
There was only silence for a few minutes, and then I heard footsteps on the other side. Sezara opened the door a tiny bit.
“I don’t offer anything anymore, child. Go back the way you came.”
“Please,” I said. “I need a potion.” She considered this, and then spoke.
“What for?”
I hesitate and looked around. “Is there anywhere private we can talk?” I heard a click, and then the door opened. Sezara looked like an old witch, from her frizzy white hair and moles, down to her fragile little body and curled hands.
She motioned for me to come inside. “Come in, though I must warn you: there are other ways of getting what you want.” I wondered how she knew this until I was fully inside, noticing every detail.
In the center of the hut was a big potion-brewing pot. The walls were lined with shelves of herbs and jars, with mysterious creatures. I looked up at the roof. There was a hole where the sky would normally shine bright in during the day. Now, the night sky showed and I saw millions of stars. If it were later, the moon would have directly shined its light inside the pot.
“Sit down, sit.” Sezara motioned for me to sit on a mat on the floor. As soon as I did, she went over to her many shelves and looked through them.
“Why exactly did you come here?” she asked me.
I cleared my throat. “Well, I don’t agree with the government, obviously, and I want to go engage the help of other people. To do that, I have to go in the daytime or else I will be caught as a rogue vampire trying to fulfill some crazy dream. That is also when my parent’s will be looking for me. And besides, I want to go to Earth, where the humans live, and pretend to be one of them,” I said.
Sezara stroked her chin, considering my words. After a few seconds, she said, “Are you sure that you want this?”
“This and the repercussions?”
I thought about that one. “Yes,” I said slowly, tasting the word.
“You want to give up your life for a less exciting one, attempt to defy the government of its power and fail, and teach the people that you can never escape the harm of Ostlyn?”
I did not see that coming. What would happen when my parents figured out I was missing? Would the government try to kill me and banish them? Would the Sixth Spectrum be bound for all eternity with monsters as the leaders in government?
“Though it could be so,” I said my voice cracking. “I don’t want the life that has been given to me and I want to go explore the other worlds, to know what their lives are like.”
Sezara looked at me and pursed her lips. “You really want to be able to go out in the sunlight?”
“Yes,” I answered.
“You will become half-human and half-vampire then; your body will have been mutated.”
I was surprised at this. “What?! I won’t be fully vampire anymore? I’ll be a Hybrid?”
“Don’t worry,” she said. “You will still have your fangs and your appetite for blood. Also, the paleness of your skin will fade, so it will be a warmer color,” she explained. “Speaking of which, do you want any? I have all different types. A, B, O, animal, whatever you want,” she offered.
“Um, sure...I guess.”
“You can drink in front of me, dear. I know that you don’t normally do that,” she said in an attempt to soothe me. I was still hesitant. “Many vampires like you have come through here over hundreds of years. I am not afraid anymore.”
Slowly, my fangs popped out and I looked away. “Do you have any fox blood?” I asked her. Sezara moved over to the other side of the room and went through some glass jars filled with the thick, dark, red liquid I associated with the feeling of satisfaction. She murmured a small chant and pulled out a large glass filled to the rim with blood. My stomach rumbled at the sight of it. Sezara walked over to me and put it in my hands.
“Drink as much as you want. I have to get to work.”
As I drank, Sezara began chanting words in an old language. I recognized one or two words, but had no idea what they meant. Within a few minutes, I had finished the blood. I felt a wave of relief and energy come over me. Sezara stood over the pot that was overflowing with colors that kept shifting.
She stopped chanting and held her arms up to the moon. A sudden white light filled the hole where the pot was sitting, and with a final burst of color, the boiling liquid shifted into a bottle that lay on its side with a cork on it.
The bottle rolled to my feet, and I looked at Sezara. She nodded, as if to say, Go on, and drink it. I picked up the bottle and unscrewed it. I took my first sip, and wished I hadn’t.
I looked down at my now glowing body. Pain writhed inside me like a snake, and I screamed. It felt like someone was ripping out my insides and inspecting all my guts. In a few seconds, the pain was quickly fading away. I checked myself to make sure I wasn’t cut open or anything. Actually, now that I notice it, my skin was a shade warmer, like Sezara said it would be if I drank this tonic. I look closer at my skin and I notice green things under it.
As if to test myself, I popped out my fangs and sighed in relief that I still had them. I wasn’t completely non-vampire. I look over at Sezara; she stands at the glass shelves, reorganizing her things, humming quietly to herself.
“Hey, Sezara? What are these green things under my skin?” I ask her. She comes over and looks at my forearm. Then she smiled.
“They are veins of blood.” She held her arm toward me. I saw the same things under her skin as well. “I have them, too.” I looked down at the ground.
Why do I have blood in me? WHY? I don’t want to suck the life out of myself.
As if reading my thoughts, Sezara tried to comfort me. “You’re only half-vampire now. But don’t worry; you won’t try to suck your own blood.” My head started spinning. Is this even possible? A vampire with blood running through her own veins? My parents would faint at the mention of it.
I shake the thought from my head. “Thank you, Sezara,” I said. She nodded in return. “Would you like anything in return?” I asked.
“Just my old recognition. And the destruction of the government. Since you came, I now see what cruelty they act upon. When Ostlyn began to rule the Sixth Spectrum,” she began.  “They forced beings that could perform magic out of the city. Otherwise, they could stop their magic all together and act normal. Those who remained in touch with our inner souls were forced to move out here or else suffer a slow and painful death if they did not cooperate with the government.”
Now I have another thing added to my list of revenge against the government: for those who have died for being themselves, or giving up their uniquity entirely to protect their lives. I nodded and hugged her, then left the hut without looking back.
As I walk back through the woods, I think about what my first move would be. A speech? No. Killing politicians to defy them? No. Well… Then it hit me. First I had to get to Ashlyn, who would definitely help me communicate to the humans. I need a man-force army to get rid of Ostlyn’s rule. Ashlyn would stop at almost nothing to help destroy the government and rid them.
I remembered my jade necklace that my parents track me by, and how it can help me summon up enough powers to allow me to transport from place to place. I hang the necklace on a tree branch and rip off the biggest piece of jade. Gathering up my spirit, I summon up as much power as I can. I feel stronger now, then when I used to open portals across worlds.
I sensed my powers rushing through my entire body, and raise my hands. I focused the energy on the empty space in front of me and let the energy flow out of my hand. The portal opened up bigger and bigger, consuming the space I allowed for it. It looked cosmic in the forest, with purple and black mini nebulas circling inside. I stopped the energy flow, and the portal sustained.
Glancing over my shoulder, I made sure no one was around, and walked to the other side.
I stepped into a meadow of soft green grass. The sun was shining and the sky was blue. Birds and bees and butterflies flew about. Basically, a typical Earth day. And I was able to stay out in the sun! I jumped for joy, and the portal behind me closed, swirling until it completely disappeared into oblivion.
I looked around and surveyed the area. There were a few trees around me and a bunch of buildings a few yards off. I’m assuming that I landed in a park of some sort. I hope no one saw me come out of the portal; that would have been a bust if someone actually did see me. Glancing around me, I relieved myself by confirming that nobody had seen me or the portal.
I walked towards the buildings in the distance. I still had the adrenaline of the energy running through me. I started running instead of walking at a slow pace. The wind felt good on my face and the sunshine warmed my back.
Now that I think about it, there isn’t anything that special about being able to be up and about in the daytime. The only difference is that everything around you is now light and you can see where you step.
I get to the edge of the city and see humans strolling around. A few glance my way, but none stare for too long. I walk down the concrete sidewalk and look at the buildings. Ashlyn lives at the edge of this city, New York; I think it’s called. But which edge? None of these buildings look familiar, so I duck into an alleyway. Using some more of my powers, I go into “Mordania-mode” and focus all of my spirit on the beings of this city.
I feel the pulse of living things running through me and I hold my position. I draw out each pulse and focus on the familiar ones—there are only three. The first and second pulses were of a small animal and myself. I followed the third one to the other side of the city and felt it in an apartment complex—this had to be Ashlyn’s.
Taking even more of my powers, I used more energy to transport myself to the apartment. I now stand, face-to-face, with a stranger.
I hear a gasp and the sound of glass breaking. Someone grabs me on the shoulder and whirls me around. I see Ashlyn’s golden eyes furious with anger.
“What is wrong with you?!” she screams at me.
I gulp. “Oh, well, I’m sorry for intruding you when there is a something that wants you dead!”
She makes a frustrated sound. “Well, sorry isn’t going to fix what he just saw,” she gestures to the stranger who is still standing there. Ashlyn leans closer and whispers to me, “That’s my boss you just appeared in front of. He is the reason I am still living here.”
I bite my lip. Uh-oh. I take some of the powers I have left and push some of it toward the man. He falls on the couch behind him and enters a dreamless sleep.
“Okay, now that he’s almost taken care of, can we talk?” I say.
She purses her lips. “Yeah, sure, we’ll talk while my boss is sleeping there and his family is wondering what on earth happened to him!!!”
“Ashlyn,” I say. “What is the first thing you notice about me?”
“You mean you have more powers? Big deal,” she says. Ashlyn rolls her eyes. Then she looks around the room, out the big windows, and then gasps.
“You can stay in the sunlight?!”
I hush her. “Sh. You never know who is listening. So, to answer your question, yes I can. I visited Sezara and she gave me tonic-potion-thing for it, which then leaves me only two-thirds vampire.” Vampires have three parts: (1) their very pale skin and no blood. (2) their fangs (3) their powers.
Ashlyn’s mouth hung open. “B-but why?” she stammered.
“Because,” I said. “If we’re going to rally humans to help us destroy Ostlyn, then I need to be able to come out when it is most convenient for them to listen to me.”
Ashlyn closes her mouth. “Well, first off, most of the humans work from the early morning to nighttime. At noon, they take an hour lunch break. In the evening, they eat dinner and at night, the important people sleep.”
I consider this. When will I be able to get humans to listen to me? The history between Earth and Mordania isn’t exactly friendly. The humans and Supernatural beings used to live in peace with one another, until the human Grecians started telling rumors that we evolved into monsters that would harm them. There was another world between Aphasia and Harphia; the athletes and the justifiers, respectively.
We Mordanians used our common sense and moved onto the uninhabited planet to be rid of the humans. Since the last world was established into the Spectrum, it became to be known as the Sixth Spectrum until this day.
Coming back to reality, I shake my head. “How can I rally their forces?”
Ashlyn shrugs. “I don’t know. They respond well to major interruptions or distractions. But this isn’t the whole planet; there are about 7 billion humans on Earth.”
“So I just blow something up and they come running to me while I ask for their assistance? It seems unlikely. They’d come to me, of course, but they’ll probably be armed,” I say.
“Alright-y, then,” she says. “We won’t enlist their help after all.” Ashlyn goes and sits on the counter that sits in the kitchen of the tiny apartment.
We hear a moan and look over to the couch where the older human with gray hair (or what little he has left) lay. Perched on his nose are round spectacles, and a large round bulge sticks out where his stomach is supposed to be.
“Why is he your boss again?” I ask Ashlyn. She rolls her eyes.
“I applied for a job as a cashier, and he manages one of the McDonalds by Central Park. We get a lot of business, so that means more moola in my pocket,” she explains.
“Why is he at your apartment?” I ask.
“Haven’t you ever watched SpongeBob? The television show about the yellow sponge?” she asks me.
I think back to my childhood. I vaguely remember an Earth show airing on the TV at home that matched her description of it.
“Do you remember that episode where Mr. Krabs and Sandy and Patrick all asked SpongeBob for stuff, otherwise he would be fired or lose his friendships or whatever? Specifically think back to Mr. Krabs’ deal. He had to make sure his employees were responsible or else he would have to fire them. Here on Earth it works the same way,” she says.
I catch on exactly to what she was talking about. “Oh!”
“Yeah, ‘oh!’” Ashlyn says sarcastically.
“Well, can I send him home? I don’t exactly want him here the whole time we make plans to destroy Ostlyn,” I say.
“Sure. But first, let me do something.” Ashlyn walks over to the table where a sheet of paper and a pen was. She took the pen in her right hand and checked some things off the sheet. Then she walked over to the man and put the pen in one hand, the paper in the other. She stood back.
“Okay, go ahead.”
I took a little bit of my remaining powers and pushed a beam of energy towards him. He vanished, back to the place he called home. I still stood there, engulfed in the loud silence. Ashlyn turned on her heel and headed towards the door.
“Whoa, whoa, whoa, where are you going?” I said.
“Um, don’t you want to talk somewhere private?”
“Why can’t we use telepathy? Do you have anything against it or something?” I asked.
“No, I don’t, but the humans have radars here that detect ultra-brain usage. That means detection,” she explained.
Oh. I didn’t know that humans were so advanced. In Mordania, they taught us that humans were dumb and idiotic and so damn remote. I guess that the only taught us bad stuff because they harmed our reputation, and we had to conceal ourselves.
“So, what do we do?” I asked her.
Ashlyn just shook her head. “Until I call you back here, go back home and stay there. We can’t have Ostlyn detecting unusual activity on Earth. They’ll become suspicious, especially because you ran away.”
I waved my hand and was transported back to my room in my house on Mordania.
My father opened the door just as I reappeared back into it. I laid down on the bed to look as casually depressed as possible, given that I was going to live at the Center of House Studies from now on.
“Have you made up your mind?” he asked me.
I sniffed, like I was crying. About what?” My father sighed and pursed his lips.
“I have given you two choices, now that I had thought it over: Center of House Studies or School of Herbs and Medicine?”
I bit the inside of my cheek. Live with the dull, ugly girls, or with the med/magic-nerds?
“School of Medicine,” I huffed.
He raised his eyebrows. “Are you sure?”
“Yes!” I said. My father nodded.
“Alright. You start there tomorrow. Better get packing.” As soon as he closed the door behind him, I flopped back down and huffed. How in the Universe am I supposed to do this? Make a double?! Wait…I got it! Use my magic and make a double of me! Sometimes I really think I’m so stupid when the answer is right in front of me.
Moonlight streamed through the windows onto the bed. I sighed to myself and rubbed my head. A tap on the window startled me. I whipped my head around and saw Sezara’s face peering at me in the window. She held up a bottle. I nodded, then went over and opened the window.
“Sezara, what are you doing here?!” I whispered.
“I had to bring you another potion for the first. I forgot that when I made the potion, I used troll feet incense—“
“You let me drink troll feet?!”
“Yes. If you want the potion to be permanent, you must stand in the last sunlight of the sunset of the next blue moon, which is only four days away, and have your Half Soul sprinkle this all over your body. Got it?” she looked at me. I nodded. I only had four days left to find my Half Soul? How am I going to do it?! And besides, who is my Half Soul?!
“Do you have any idea how hard that is?!” I whisper-yelled.
“Well, I know you will be able to do it. You have heart, child, and passion. And a lot of fire inside you as well. Be careful. I also brought another potion for you.” She passes me a vial with a blue liquid in it. In the moonlight, she holds up a vial with a purple liquid in it.
“This potion is called Heart’s Desire. Self-explanatory, child, but use it wisely. This is only enough for two desired wishes to come true,” she explained as she put it into my other hand.
“Okay. But, Sezara, do you know how I can my Half Soul in four days?” I asked desperately.
She leaned closer. “You must realize this connection yourself. No one can tell you how or when or what.” In a moment, she vanished as soon as I blinked. I held up the vials and realize that I had no idea what to do!
Maybe I should go to Earth, I thought. No; what do I do then? I have no idea who would ever be my Half Soul. I don’t think anyone would be. Maybe I am Complete, and I don’t have a Half Soul.
Nonsense, child, chimes a voice in my head. I step back, startled to hear someone else talking in my head. Of course it’s telepathy, but with who? No need to freak out. It’s just Sezara. I grit my teeth. Sezara is the last thing I want in my head.
Wait……how are you able to? Only vamps and lycanthropies are telepathic.
Well, I also added myself into your head after you drank that potion. SURPRISE!
Ow…ow. Not so loud, okay? This is MY head, after all, not yours.
But I am the one in it.
And I can ignore you.
I go over to my closet, after setting the potions on my desk, and pull out an old bag of mine. I slung it over my shoulder and emptied the extra stuff in it onto my floor. Sezara’s still babbling, but I mostly ignore it.
I go over to my dresser and pull out an old iPod I found in some ruins one time. After I figured out how it worked, I realized that there were tons of songs pre-downloaded for me! It was awesome, but I still had to build a charger for it myself. I did, and I still have to hide it, otherwise the authorities will do some things: (1) take away the music. (2) Operate on my brain to find out WHY I liked it. (3) Kill my family before I die.
I put an ear bud in my left ear and leave the right ear open, so I can hear if anyone is coming. Sezara made a noise, and then left me alone for the next few minutes.
Turning back to the task at hand, I grabbed a few clothes (t-shirts, jeans, etc.) and shoved them in my bag. I grabbed the potions, and wrapped them in the clothes so they wouldn’t break. Blue is to stay in the sun, purple for two wishes. Got it, I thought to myself. I repeated this in my head, to make sure I would remember.
As soon as I make sure I remember which potion is which, I take a paper and pen, scribble something on the paper, and leave it on my bed.
It read exactly what my parents would have wanted to hear: Mom and Dad: I left to go to school. I hope I have fun and you all have fun, too. I will be studying medicine and herbs, so I can be a successful wife in the future. I will see you after I graduate in about four years. During breaks, I will be at school secluded so I can study and make THE BEST grades. Good-bye for now, Lynn Morgan.
I open a portal to the bedroom in Ashlyn’s apartment, so as not to disturb anyone again if a human is visiting. I whisper a curse on my parents, and then vanish to the human dwelling.
I hear voices shouting in the living room and I open my eyes. Ashlyn’s bedroom is bare white, except for a white bed that’s made and a white dresser across the room.
Listening closer, I place a voice in the shouting; it’s Ashlyn and a bunch of others. I really don’t want to disturb them, but I must know.
“You guys really have to help! It’s not about that! It’s about—.“ That was Ashlyn.
“Yeah, well, it’s about life and death, isn’t it? First, you ruin my life, and then you expect me to help a bunch of aliens?” I had no idea.
“You guys, stop…” Some girl, apparently watching the show. I have had enough of yelling for once, so before I think, I open the door and go to the living room, where Ashlyn, another girl with brown hair wearing blue jeans and a t-shirt, and a guy wearing…black. All black clothing and black hair. I’m sorry, but this is not my idea of…never mind. They all stare at me.
Ashlyn looks at me like ‘I-hate-you-because-you-just-ruined-my-friends’-minds’. Then she rolls her eyes and explains.
“That’s my cousin Lynn.” Ashlyn hangs her head, while the other two come over. The first thing they do is smile. They smile and then they turn back to Ashlyn, who just stands there, hanging her head and moping.
“Oh come on, Ashlyn! It’s not the first time,” I say.
She looks up at me with such fury in her eyes I think that fire might come bursting of her tongue.
“Well, you already walked in, so why don’t you just introduce yourself to these two!” Ashlyn walked out of the living room and went down the hall, presumably to cool off after my unannounced arrival.
“So,” said the girl. “I’m Katarina Dames. This is my brother, Luke.” I waved to Luke. He smiled back. I hear a door slam.
“Excuse me,” I say, and walk down the hall to Ashlyn’s room. I wait to knock.
“What do you want, Lynn?” she said.
“Can I come in first?” I hear ruffling, then the door knob turns. Ashlyn is bedraggled and her mascara is running. “Ashlyn, is it really that bad that I came?” I ask her.
“Whatever. Just go sit in the living room. I’ll be right there.” She shuts the door in my face, and I go back to find the siblings sitting on the couch. I perch on the edge of a chair.
We sat in an awkward silence until Ashlyn came out. She fixed herself, and there was no trace of her tears. She had applied a fresh coat of makeup on her face; that was clear.
She clapped twice. “So, are we going to do this or not?”
I did not get what she was saying. “Do what?”
“What do you think? Take down Ostlyn!”
“But…” I looked at the siblings. “What? How are we going to do that? I thought—“
“But you thought wrong. Katarina here is a vampire, like you, and Luke is a lycanthropic-vampire. It’s freaky.”
“What?” I turned to Katarina for an explanation. She sighed.
“Our mom is a vampire, and our dad is a werewolf.” She looked over at Luke. “Luke is a Hybrid. I am fully vampire.”
I stood up. “You’re a Hybrid, too?” I asked.
Ashlyn looked at me madly. “YOU ARE A HYBRID?!”
“Yes. Remember what Sezara did to me?” I said calmly. Ashlyn stared at me for a moment.
“Well, now I am Hybrid: Half-human, half vampire.” I explained. Ashlyn gritted her teeth.
“Alright. Focusing back on destroying Ostlyn, we need an army of humans. So, we need someone in high power over the people.”
“How about the President of the United States?” suggested Luke.
“Who is he?” I asked. Ashlyn held up her hand.
“He is in charge of this country, which is only a PART of the world. If we get him with us, we’re good to go. He’ll try to persuade other countries to come, too. But how are we going to prove that the Sixth Spectrum exists?” Ashlyn narrowed her gaze at me. So did Luke and Katarina.
“What? You don’t possibly expect me, of all people, to…” I grip for my bag. It wasn’t on me. “Ashlyn,” I say. “Where is my bag?!”
“Oh. It’s in my room, but--“ I don’t hear the rest of the sentence. I already ran down the hall to the bedroom and fling the door open. I immediately spot my bag on the bed.
Running over to it, I thrust it open and look inside. The blue and purple vials are still there. Thank goodness. I slump against the wall, relieved that I still had the gifts from Sezara. All of a sudden, I hear the familiar whirring sound of a portal. I felt a dark presence and I turn around. I see a large Minotaur entering Ashlyn’s bedroom. It’s big form is too big, and the horns crack the ceiling. It roars, and I grab my bag and back to the living room.
“Ashlyn, why in the Sixth Spectrum did you open an inter-dimensional portal of DARKNESS?!” I scream. We all hear a crash and a bang, and out of Ashlyn’s room comes the Minotaur, furious, obviously. I had only a bit left of the magic from the portal I had created. I knew it was definitely wasn’t enough. It was either a give it a shot, or die in dark magic.
Focusing the last of my energy, I opened another dark portal directly in front me as the Minotaur charged. It never hit me.
I stared at my hands. In addition to opening and closing the dark portal for the Minotaur, I had cleaned up the entire apartment and…renovated it? I looked around and wondered what the hell possessed me and my powers. Ashlyn was standing behind me staring at her new place. Luke and Katarina did the same.
“How…did…you….do that?!” Ashlyn says.
I just stared at my hands. “I have no idea. Is this supposed to be normal?” I asked Luke. He and I are Hybrids, after all.
Instead of an answer, he simply shrugs. “I don’t know. It really all depends on the Hybrid.” He looks at my face. “Maybe you’re some super-powered Hybrid. Were you adopted or found as an orphan when you were a baby?”
“Are you serious? Have you seen me and Ashlyn lately? We are cousins. We think, talk, and look alike. Our families have no power; you really want to believe that I have some great power that no one else has?”
"Actually, considering what happened, yes. Unless you were given god-like powers," Luke says. I nod. It would make sense. Sezara would have given me a potion that, in addition to be out in the sunlight, gave me powers. It also would explain what chant she muttered under her breath after reciting the main chant.
"You know what, Luke? There is only one way to find out," I say. "So, who knows how to get to the President of the United States?"
To Be Continued...