Thomas Lowson

Chapter One: "This is so exciting" your mum chirped, still holding your hand as if you were a 5-year old. "Mum, I'll be fine" you replied. "I've gone on a plane before". You looked around at the terminal. Countless people hurried back and forth, the sounds of suitcase wheels clicking against the tile floor surrounded you. "I know I know" she began. "But this is England, and it's Tommo. I can't believe this is happening." You had to admit, it had been a blur. A random ticket in the post. A quick discussion, an even quicker Googling of potential places. After discussing it with your best friend Thomas, you were all set. 3 weeks in the U.K, hanging out with him. He seemed excited, but that was just how he always was with you. "Okay Cass" your mum said, hugging you closely. "Ready for this?"
"Yeah! I'm ready!"
"Hmm, just give me a few more minutes"