Menace to the Airwaves  (1/2)

(Identity withheld)

Damp. Wet. Cold. Secret agents Bascrobat and Taxi were getting seriously sick of this mission. True, when they first began their service for the Federal Bureau of Secretism they had been warned that it wouldn't be as you see it in the movies. However, they thought that after several years of service their days of hiding in the dark and waiting for something to happen were over.
But this was exactly what they were doing. Mission command had picked up some data about a location that seemed to be relevant for a major operation by some sort of infamous group of international gangsters. What exactly they were expecting was not clear, so for several nights now they had been snooping around this harbor, making themselves invisible and observing the specified location.
<i>Another sleepless night for 002 1/2. Still, after all these years of service, he felt uneasy if he had to trust others on important tasks. The organisation had found out that something big was at had, right here in his city, and actually very close to where he lived. But instead of letting him take care of it they had sent two agents that were too unexperienced and just not up to the job – at least in 002 1/2s opinion. He paced his living room. </i>
<i>"I wonder if they even know that they can always scroll up and start again" he thought. The little button titled "start again" seemed common knowledge to him, but he was starting to doubt pretty much everything now ...</i>
"Just ducking behind these idiot containers is getting us nowhere! What if …"
"What?! Are you …"
"Quiet! Can you hear that?" A noise approached from where the ramp to the harbor exit was. Their view in that direction was blocked, but the gleam of car lights became brighter - a small van was approaching.
"Right. Here we go, let's not blow this", said Taxi.
<i>002 1/2's mind was racing. What if they screwed up? What if they lost control? What if they relied too much on technology? What if they forgot that the best thing to do in a tricky situation is to click on one of the options at the bottom? </i>
"Equipment check. Emo-transmitter?" Bascrobat replied dryly, referring to the top button of each of their shirts. Detectable only to those who knew about it, it carried a small device that could connect with any other such device in its surrounding and detect the physical and mental condition of its carrier. Right now, it's micro-display on the buttons edge displayed "0" - everything was fine.
"Check. Got your firefly?" replied Taxi. Bascrobat reached quickly into his jacket pocket. "Positive."
The van seemed to have reached it's destination on the other side of the row of containers that they were hiding behind. It's motor stopped, but the front lights were still on.
"I will slide through the gap, visual contact seems likely from there." whispered Bascrobat.
"Sure thing. I'll sneak around the long way, maybe I can get a glimpse of them sonofabitches from back there." replied Taxi.