love.....hmmmm is everything about love in this world?Did shakespeare write romeo and juliet using his own experience or was it just a fantasy? does that kind of love still exist? sweet love between two innocent soul is something everyone wishes for....some fail to realise that this type of love may not exist anymore in the 21 century. people nowaday look for something more than love...something more exciting...something physical maybe.thats right many youngsters want to do it with their patners or you could call it sex or one night stands or just a physical relationship. i think now it is consider normal to have one night stands, to lose your virginity on prom nights or to have an affair ? there is no love in this used to mean a bond between two people who are connected to each other throughout their entire not being pessimistic towards lovers in the 21 century...its just that im starting to miss the gentleman who respect womans feelings and love them for who their are rather than to sleep with them. i miss the woman who love from the bottom of their heart and never give up on their love. it is practical to think that what im writing about is just a dream or it could only be found in comics and movies but true love does exist. it is something that has become a luxury for most of us to afford it.the world now revolves around making money to survive rather than to enjoy gods giving to us and embrace the people close to us. we never know what we have till we lose it. a common saying i guess but still there is truth in it. we are suppose to realise these things so we can enjoy life and be never know what you can find if you open your eyes and look at the world without the sarcasm.who knows you might find true love or even opportunities that you can never imagine getting. this is just a thought from someone who just wants the world to realise that love could bring happiness and acting blind towards the world means missing out in all the wonderful things in th world.
this is my first time writing. i just wanted to write stories about anime characters but kinda wandered somewhere else however im happy if people can accept my writing and forgive me if its to normal or just plain loved, be happy,be open, be everthing you wish to be
i would love some comments from readers....