"Water, Water, All Around"


Intro Text: After leaving his apartment with nothing but his rucksack, Jake roamed the streets until the flames were far behind him. He weaved through dense crowds of people huddled in the streets in confusion and fear. Thick plumes of smoke punctuated the skyline, accented by the wings of fallen 747s. The cities dense traffic was now a twisted mass of metal; every vehicle was stopped in it's tracks when the solar flare hit. Cars and taxies pilled into busses, into people, into buildings.
Jake kept on moving, dodging fires, exploding cars and crowds of people staring up at the dancing green lights in the sky. He looked for help but found nothing; no ambulances, no firemen. Even the police stations were abandoned. With every passing hour his thirst grew until it was unbearable. No supermarkets were open, nothing. After 12 hours his throat was so dry, so sore. He had never felt so thirsty in his life.
He stumbled upon a pub, its doors already kicked open. People walking from it holding crates of unopened beverages. They look like they are looting the pub, and Jake, thirsty as he has ever felt, decides to join them.
I enter the pub. Bar stools knocked over, the backbar stripped of it's premium spirits. There's probably not much left in here.
Try the taps behind the bar
Drink a bottle of beer