El Presidenté

Brett Murray

You are now the leader of a fictional Central American country, emerging from a civil war. You have replaced a tyrant dictator, named Saggiatóre, and have been installed as the guiding light of bringing a new era to your country. As leader, you must make moral-based decisions in situations both great and small. Whilst you inherit the willingness of your people for change, you also inherit all the neglect of your predecessor; the poverty, crime, and terror of the prior era still lingers behind. Stability has been slowly regained over the past 12 months, and in the face of change, it’s up to you how to rebuild.
The choices that you make in this piece of interactive fiction are monitored and recorded. Decisions you make will be remembered by your staff and the citizens of your country.
As President, you are given 3 advisors; the loyal General Vasquez from your loyal military, a brilliant young engineer from your capital’s university named Miss Cereza, and passionate politically-charged surgeon Doctor Shapiro. When confronted with each issue, it is up to you to choose which advisor you listen to, and whose plan you choose to enact.
Your home country, Delgado, is surrounded by 3 countries; to the west, the agricultural/religious Nazacá; to the north, the industrial Coqos; to the east, the barren communist jungle of Quetzl.
Your newfound political prowess has gained attention on an international scale; You have been selected to host the Pan-American games. In what location do you build your primary stadium – central and historical Sólanos, scenic and rural El-Hijo, or the north-eastern industrial highway to Correbanno? Sólanos is a crowded city already, El-Hijo is in proximity to the dangerous Nazacán border, and Correbanno would divert a lot of the national benefits that come with playing host.
General Vasquez – The heart of our Capital is the only place for it, next to our museums, restaurants, and public parks. Show the people our grandeur, our history, and our prowess at being both hosts and competitors. It won’t come cheap, but doing well in this event is important to gain allegiance with countries larger than ourselves.
Miss Cereza – Privately vote amongst your parliament. They will probably push it towards El-Hijo, where there is plenty of ideal space – scenic and open. The proximity to Nazacá is of no concern; there will be plenty of security to avoid any sort of foreseeable problems.
Doctor Shapiro – Putting it to a public vote will be the best for gaining support. They will probably decide on the industrial border, which will give Coqos a significant boost in tourism, but will not permanently affect the landscape or people as other sites would.