Escape The Punishers: A Star Wars Tale

An Anonymous Skakoan

It is 120 years before the Battle of Yavin. You disembark from your ship, the <i>Desire</i>, and step down onto the rocky surface of Uilea. An unexplored, uninhabited planet in the Outer Rim; just perfect for a vacation. You are a Force-sensitive Wroonian, a species with blue skin and yellow irises. You are a user of the light side of the Force, but you are not a Jedi. Your name is Nell Daalo. You have an apprentice, a bluish-purple-skinned Togruta female named Amoko Li. Her lekku and montrals are a deep purple with a diamond-like pattern across their surface. She wears a skintight black flight jumpsuit with a comlink built into the collar. She wears a lightsaber, which when ignited produces a green-colored blade, unlike yours, which is gold.
"Hey," says Amoko. "Let's check out that strange rock formation over there!" You think the formation looks cool, but the nearby forest also seems interesting to explore.
Check out the rock formation
Explore the forest