Flight accident  


Last year my friend, Zack and I went on a trip to China to learn a new language. We had relatives who spoke only Chinese, and we wanted to be able to talk to them. We had to get up early the next day to catch our flight.
We headed to the airport the next day and had to wait 5 hours because of a flight delay. We waited to go on the flight, to pass the time we went to go grab something to eat they both had a sandwich and bought it at a restaurant and played a few games. When it was finally time to board the flight, Zack had to go to the bathroom.
After Zack was done in the bathroom we got on the plane to go find our seats and we had to sit for a while. To pass the time we played board games and talked to each other, were excited to talk a new language so we brought a Chinese book along.
But after a few hours the plane began to shake, the pilot came out and told everyone that it is just some air turbulence. For a second Zack was a little worried, but he knew everything was going to be fine.
Then a few minutes later a guy with a yellow hat and a mustache on the plane kept staring at us and I said, “Hey, look behind us. That guy keeps looking at us, you think he knows us?” Zack said “no I have not seen him before.”
Later he gets up from his seat and walks to the front, he starts talking to one of the stewardesses and he asked if he could go in and the stewardess said yes. He checks out all of the controls and how they control the plane, as he watches, he takes out one of the pilots and threatens the other one. None of this was heard by the passengers so they thought it’d be okay.
Zack later goes up front and hears someone talking. He opens the door and looks he see’s one pilot dead, the other is still driving the plane, he silently closes the door. He tells the other passengers, “Someone is hijacking the plane,” then the man came out running with a gun and said,“If anybody moves, I will shoot you.
Everyone stays sitting, they become scared when he grabbed a passenger and calls “Does anyone know how to drive an airplane?!” When no one answered he shot the person he had grabbed and kept on doing that until someone volunteered, it was Zack who volunteered. Zack went up front and took control of the plane, then suddenly the man starts to shoot at the controls and the plane starts to descend.
The passengers start to fly out of their seats. Zack quickly leaves the front of the plane, the man trys to fly the plane by himself but can’t do it, so instead of going down with the plane he jumped out. “Everyone, don’t panic, it’s is going to be okay!” Zack told them in an attempt to calm everyone down. As the plane was going down Zack tries to call for help, but the radio doesn't work. they all hope for the best.
Everyone looked out the windows and saw that they were almost to the ground. They all grab on to something and hold on as the plane came crashing down. The plane made a hole as it hit the ground, it falls apart upon impact, there are tons of bodies and pieces of the plane everywhere. The friends had made it to China, but only one of them did. Zack tried to look for his friend through all the bodies and injured passengers. Zack had survived by going under a seat and protecting himself.
Soon the ambulance, fire department, and police came. All of the city could hear the sirens, they wondered what had happened. Zack asked, “Has anyone seen my friend? Please tell me you have.” But no one answered Zack. Only a couple of people had survived, but were badly injured. The rest of the passengers were dead. Zack asked, “Can you please help me find my friend?” Later they find him dead in the wreckage. They took Zack away from the wreck so they could find more survivors and clean up the site.
Zack stayed in China for a few years and learned the life of China. He started to know more and more about China that he didn’t know before. He still remembered his friend sometimes, he wished that all this didn’t happen to him or his friend, but he starts to make new friends in China. One of his new friends, Kai, asked him if he wanted to go back to America and he agreed.
The last couple days in China were good for him. Kai loved China but he had never been to America in his whole life, and this was his chance to go. Zack lived in New York and he could see all of the sights. Zack didn’t really want to go on the plane because he didn’t want the same thing to happen again.
So the next day they went to the airport and Kai did not know American language so he had to learn some of it. They got on there plane and headed to New York, Zack was hoping that they wouldn’t have trouble getting there but he knew it was going to be a long ride.