Who is she ? Who am I ?

by Kenneth Gaither

Once upon a time...
Who is she? Who am I ? Feeling cold I swirled around reaching for a blanket . But all I felt was metal so I opened my eyes slowly and all I saw was3 doors and a girl asleep . She looked about my age or younger she looked so adorable while sleeping . I hovered over her and kicked her in her stomach ."Oh my" she screamed . She stood up and punched me right in my gut . After getting my air back , I said sorry . The girl ran towards me and jacked me up against the wall with a glare in her black eyes. I knew I was in trouble just by her eyes she went from adorable to menacing . I told her with a smirk on my face trying to play off me being scared of her " I don’t know " . She  threw me across the metal floor and said" you have one more time to tell me before I tear off you limbs one by one. I told her one more time still trying to be cool  " how the world should I know" . Her eyes were enraged , the mood of the room went from anger to death . She ran towards me with all her speed like a bull on steroids. It was like she was Bruce Banner and I enraged her to become the Hulk . I only had a few seconds to think before I was clobbered to death . Before I could think of a plan she was already over me . I acted on impulse and ran behind her and wrapped my arm around her neck and put my  legs around hers making her fall . All she could do was struggle while she was slowly faded into unconsciousness . Her face turned red and she started gasping for air and soon fell asleep . I let my grip go not wanting to kill her because she might have information on why I am here . I check her pulse just to make sure she's not dead, luckily she's alive.  I checked her pockets to see if she is carrying a weapon and I found nothing . Who is she . I picked up the girl and put her on my back . She was way heavier than I thought she was . I looked up and remembered there were three doors which do I take .The door marked 1, 2 , or 3 .