Once upon a time - Lagonia  


Once upon a time, long, long ago in a country called Lagonia, there lived a queen. She was beautiful, of course, and rich. But the queen was not happy. She felt as if a dark cloud had nestled in her heart. Her husband, the king, who loved her dearly, sent for his best advisers. They scratched their heads, racked their brains, until they all had a splitting headache, and each gave the king their very best advice. The first adviser kneeled and said: "Your Majesty, after long deliberation I would advise your beloved Queen see the witch Venelupa, who lives in the Castle of Wolvesly." "A witch?" The king looked uncomfortable. The second adviser humbly bowed his head and said: "Sire, I have considered this matter long and I would advise the Queen to see the Wizard Tenebrio who lives near the glade in the Forest of Mist." Again, the king looked ill at ease. "A wizard, you say?" he asked, looking suspiciously at the man in front of him. The third adviser came and inclined his head and offered his advice: "Your Royal Highness, after countless sleepness nights, methinks your wife should visit the fairy queen Nuana, who lives in the village of Millers Grove." He looked indeed as if he had not been sleeping much, and the king thought long and deep. "A fairy queen, eh, you said?" he asked more to himself than to the man standing in front of him. "What should I do?" he wondered. "Send my dear Queen to a witch, a wizard or a fairy?".