The witness

Mitzi M. G.

Your focus comes to in a dimly lit hospital room. To your right sits a broad-shouldered man in a leather jacket. His face is squared, stubble covering the chin and cheeks. He sits patiently and watches you, a little notebook in his left hand and a pen in his right. “Nice to see you coming to.” the man says with a deep voice. You lie perfectly still, observing his tired face. For a moment you're disoriented, and you're just about to ask what happened and why you're here, when it all comes rushing back to you. You were attacked when walking home. “How did I end here?” you instead ask, trying not to cry in front of the man. “You were found by someone passing by. Now, tell me, do you remember what happened?” “I think I was attacked by someone.” you mumble. “Do you remember anything about them? Anything at all?”
"Yes, it was a man."
"Yes, it was a woman."
"I'm not sure."