Goddess of the Night and Moon

Based on the video game, "Okami/Okamiden" -Auramaster32

Chapter 1: Arisen
"Rise, Kurami . Your time has come to be of use to the world." Kurami opens her eyes, and in front of her was a man, who was older than her. "I present to you myself, I am Kyoko, God of Absolution. I have come to awake you from your slumber, for you are now of use to the world." Kyoko says. "What is my purpose in this world?" asked Kurami. "A tragedy has happened. The moon has disappeared from its normal state. I do not know what the cause is, but you must figure that out. After all, you have control over the night and moon." replies Kyoko. Kurami nods silently and her weapons appear in her hands. A dark black bow, a crystal clear sword, and a light blue trident. "What is your name in the physical world?" asked Kyoko. "Jade Larnos." Kurami replies. "Must you be physical, when the time is right, you with ascend from the world to the sky, where you will fight someone, who you know." Kyoko replies and vanishes. "This is a dream, you will awake now." a whisper says.
Chapter 2 : Experiencing The Tragedy
"Jade, wake up, sweetie." Mom says. "Ugh....Mom, its always day outside, how can I wake up to an eternal daytime?" Jade asks. "Sweetie, we just have to live with it, and hope for the best. The Goddess of the Night and Moon will restore this, I'm sure." replies Mom. Jade hears a voice in her head, "Must you realize that your form in the god world is a wolf. You can transform into it in the physical world, but not with normal people, only with people who you sense are gods or goddesses." Jade heads outside and the sun shines brightly. The churches are packed with people, praying to the gods that the tragedy will end. Jade senses a strong force in Sainthill Church. "Maybe its a god force," Jade whispers. She enters the church and its silent. A young man steps in front of me. "Come with me." he says, and grabs my arm and we leave the church. His energy emitting from the man is so strong it makes me dizzy. We eventually go into a long gone warehouse, from 199 B.C. "You emit a strong energy no scientist would explain. You must be a goddess. I am Morogami, god of death. I am Lucius in the physical world. You must be Kurami, goddess of the night and moon." the man says.
Chapter 3: Transformation
"I sensed you, Morogami." Jade says. "I would like to be your companion. I must warn you, there are people who will try to reveal your true form and destroy you. Beware of that danger." Lucius says. Lucius started to groan, and fell to the ground. He started to distort and Jade couldn't believe her eyes. Lucius transformed into a hawk! Jade wanted to show Lucius what her transformation was, and so she showed him. She fell to the ground, and her hands turned to paws, her head turned into a wolf head, her eyes turned narrow, with her eye color changing from brown to red. Her body turned into a wolf body and she acquired a soft tail. Jade transformed into a wolf with a clear white coat, with swirls coming out of its sides and a moon floating on its back. She stepped on the ground and stars with a moon appeared on the ground. Jade howls and it sounded so majestic and powerful. "Nice transformation, Kurami." Lucius says through telepathy. "Well, tha-" Jade gets cut off. "Kurami, get ready to fight!" yells Lucius. "So, you are the goddess of the night and moon. Come with me." a deep and dark voice says. "No, you can't make me!" Jade says, and attacks with a powerful slash of her claws. She realized it was the power of her clear sword. She attacks again and this time the crescent on its back attacks with a thrust, and pierces the enemy hard. It was the power of her blue trident. Jade attacks the enemy one more time and the stars from her back and swirls shoot very hard and knocks the enemy down. It was the power of her dark black bow. The enemy disappeared and it went silent. "That was a Darken," Lucius says. "What's that?" Jade asks. "Possessed people who believe gods aren't real." he replies. Jade heard the explanation, but was amazed at Lucius' transformation. The feathers on him are so soft, the color is pure black on him, his beak is so royal, and the eyes are so narrow. They head into the woods together, with Lucius flying and Jade sprinting. "Where are we going?" asked Jade. "The Celestial Mountain," he replies. Jade doesn't say anything until they arrived in the mountain. "I'll meet you up at the peak of the mountain." he says.
Chapter 4: Introduced
"Here, you will be introduced." Lucius says. Jade doesn't say anything until a scream is heard. "Kurami, goddess of the night and moon. Welcome, to this ceremony of introduction." a soft voice whispers. Jade looks up and above her was a young woman, descending from the skies. She mutated into a tiger, and spoke. "I am Okami Amaterasu, goddess of the day and sun." Jade nods and another figure appeared above her. "Comrade, I am pleased to meet you." a voice says. It was a young man. He mutated into a cobra, and spoke as well. "I am Dakogami, god of fire." It was silent for a moment, then a rock fell of the peak. Jade and Lucius became surrounded by gods and goddesses. Starting with Okami Amaterasu, as a tiger, Dakogami, as a cobra, Moegami, god of thunder, as a hyena, Morogami, god of fire, as a hawk, Valkyrie Mendoza, goddess of inspiration, as a pheonix, Kyoko, as a dragon, and Kurami, as a wolf.
Chapter 5: Heart Broken
"Who will come with you, besides Morogami?" Kyoko asks. "Valkyrie." Kurami says. "Ah, it'll be my pleasure accompanying you, my friend." she says lightly. "Anyone else?" Kyoko asks softly. "Moegami and Dakogami." replies Kurami. It becomes silent and Moegami and Dakogami speak. " I am Philip in the physical world." says Dakogami. "I am Drake in the physical world." Moegami says. It becomes silent once again and Kurami, Morogami, Moegami, Valkyrie, and Dakogami go down the peak in their animal forms and they stay silent for a long time. They set up camp in Deathward Woods. "Hey, Kurami, come with us, we got to show you something." Valkyrie and Morogami whisper at the same time. We head to the deepest part of the woods, and its Lake Orne. "What? I don-" Kurami gets cut off when an enormous amount of power contacts her side. Valkyrie and Morogami are beating her up to death. "Argh! W-why...are you d-doing this?!" exclaims Kurami. "Ha ha ha! You really don't get it do you? You really are that stupid as you are, and was! You never knew at all. Kurami, you are an idiot, for not knowing what mistake you have made, befriending Morogami and myself! Morogami and I are gods from the darkness, gods from the underworld! We now know who you are, and you will die trying to defeat us! See ya later, when you learn!" screams Valkyrie at her face. Kurami tries to fight back, but is too weak and beaten down to do so, as Valkyrie and Morogami already vanished. "I...will...take...that...back...to...those...betrayers...h-heart broken, as I...am b-betrayed for...eternity." Kurami whispers as she slowly faints from pain and exhaustion.
Chapter 6: Recovery
"Goddess of Life, Tian, the festival is over." Kyoko says. "What?! I just broke my streak of going to every single festival..." Tian exclaims. "Goddess of Aqua, Aleana, did you hear what I just said to Tian?" he asks. "I am not too light-hearted myself, nor ashamed. I had tasks to do, fill up the lakes and such." replies Aleana. "Goddess of Wind, Artemis, you hear?" asks Kyoko. "Yes, I understand." Artemis whispers loudly. "God of Explosives, Rikuan, were you listening?" asks Kyoko. "Uh, I just arrived, I guess the festival is over." Rikuan replies. Kyoko nods and puts his head down. "I need the four of you to accompany the Goddess of the Night and Moon. Kurami needs more companions she can trust, because she has just been betrayed. I will be waiting here, on the peak of Celestial Mountain, on this island, Arasazi Island, where we are right now." Kyoko explains. "We will not fail you," all four of them say. "She is at Lake Orne, where you will see her in pain." he says and disappears. "How are you going to get there?" Tian asks with curiosity. "I will split the sea like Moses did." Aleana replies. She takes her trident and pierces the ocean with a devastating force. The ocean splits in half and what appeared was a dirt road, with all of the excess water bordering it. Tian mutated into a moth, Rikuan transformed into a lion, Aleana transformed into a meerkat, Artemis transformed into a falcon. "Set course to Lake Orne!" exclaims Artemis. They eventually arrive at Lake Orne, and to by their surprise, think that Kurami isn't here. "Where is this Kurami?" Rikuan wonders. Kurami gets up to her feet, sprints to the four of them and growls while her red eyes glow in anger. "What is your purpose here? Leave me alone!" Kurami screams and growls in anger. Moegami and Dakogami are at her side, ready to attack. "Whoa, whoa, whoa, take it easy...are you Kurami?" asks Rikuan. "Yes, you're here to kill me aren't you?" growls Kurami. "We are here to accompany you, we heard about what happened, and make sure that doesn't happen again." responds Tian. "Let me heal you." Aleana whispers. She transforms into herself and takes her trident and points it at Kurami. A jet of water sprays on her, a different kind of water, not fresh water, Divergent Water, only wielded by the gods. All of the pain and bruises and wounds were healed in a matter of seconds. "Thank you, I trust you." Kurami whispers softly. "Now, what exactly happened?" asks Artemis. Kurami tells what happened and Tian, Artemis, Rikuan, and Aleana listen to her, and understand what happened. "I see, Valkyrie and Morogami betrayed you..." Tian whipsers. "They will take that back!" Rikuan screams. "Well, we can just go to the under-" Artemis gets cut off. "There is only one way we can go there, and that is finding its portal, which has been sealed away for eternity. No one can find it, unless we find a ruby. It'll glow when we are near the portal." Kurami explains. "Great. Where can we find that?" Rikuan asks? "Drakon Mountain." she replies. "Looks like we have to go there, in which I know, is in another region." Kurami whispers.
Chapter 7: The Decision
"Ha ha ha! We really defeat her this time, right, Valkyrie?" laughs Morogami. Valkyrie doesn't respond. "I am changing my element. I am the Goddess of Ice." Valkyrie says. "What but-" Morogami gets cut off. "I thought about it after we nearly killed Kurmai, and to my heart, it wasn't right. I was wrong about being bad. I hate the underworld and I hate you!" Valkyrie screams. She disappears and tries to find Kurami. "This underworld...paradise, full of hellfire and redness everywhere...how can she not like this place, she betrayed me, and I will kill her for that!" exclaims Morogami.
Chapter 8: Pursuit
I hope it isn't too late to forgive Kurami, abandoning the underworld was the right thing to do. My heart knows it and I know it now. If I am to perish, I will sacrifice my life for her, to show my forgiveness, to show I learned, thinks Valkyrie as she is flying through the plains, in search of Kurami. "Damn it, where is she?!" Valkyrie growls in anger. She spots a wolf that looks like Kurami. She also sees other animals with her that a normal wolf wouldn't be with. "A wolf with a meerkat, a moth, a cobra, a lion, a falcon, and a hyena. That seems unusual." whispers Valkyrie to herself. She goes down a level of altitude and crows to Kurami. Kurami turns around and sees Valkyrie. "LEAVE NOW. I HATE YOU AND DO NOT WANT YOU HERE!!!!!" screams Kurami as she tries to attack. "Whoa...comrade, calm down!" exclaims Valkyrie. Kurami's allies are ready to attack, all powering up their moves. "Don't you dare tell me to calm down! I had enough of you!" cries Kurami as she slashes Valkyrie with a devastating force. "Agh...listen, hear me out. I abandoned the underworld. I thought about what I did, and it was wrong. I am sorry." Valkyrie explains as she starts to cry. "Fine. You can come with us, and I forgive you. Dakogami, watch every single move she does." Kurami commands as she takes a step close to Valkyrie. "If you make one negative move, I will slash and shoot you to death. Understand?"
Chapter 9: Four Region
The waves crash along the coast. In our animal forms, normal people would mind about an unusual mix of animals. Maybe a lot of people too. "The slight breeze of seawater. It just clears my mind." whispers Moegami as he walks with his companions through the sandy beaches. "Where is this Drakon Mountain? asks Aleana. "Its at Four Region, or by its description, "The Four Ancient Regions Combined as One," says Dakogami. Aleana nods and stares at the horizon. Tian turns back into herself and practices magic in her palm. The humans cannot see gods because they are invisible to the human eye. Tian eventually makes a small tornado of leaves in her hand. "This is it. This is the exact spot of the trail we need to go to arrive at Four Region." whispers Kurmai. Tian turns back into a moth and pays attention. "How do you know?" asks Rikuan. "Look, there's a symbol that cannot be erased. The symbol is a symbol of water, in which represents Aleana, and a symbol of a moon, which represents me." replies Kurami. "Artemis, you seem pretty quiet. Is there something concerning you?" Valkyrie asks. "You read my mind, my friend." Artemis chuckles as she puts her head down. "Something has been troubling me. I feel humans are stalking us everywhere, Darkens might espionage us, disguised as normal humans. Basically, I feel that were being watched."" replies Artemis. A Darken appears in front her. "I JUST HAD TO OPEN MY GOD DAMN MOUTH. I JUST HAD- damn it, my God, you know what, never mind." Artemis takes her crossbow and shoots the Darken two times, killing it in the process. They become surrounded by more Darken. Rikuan, Valkyrie, Kurami, Tian. Artemis, Aleana, Moegami, and Dakogami are ready to attack. Smack! "Oh my God, I don't have any luck today..." Artemis groans. "That's because you're from legend, a myth!" Dakogami laughs. "Oh shut up! Get ready to fight!" exclaims Artemis. All eight of them kill the Darken together, using teamwork. Kurami makes a large shadow over the ocean all the way to Four Region. Aleana splits the ocean again to reveal a path, leading there. "You think you can take us there in a flash, Moegami?" Aleana asks. "I'm sure." Moegami replies. He focuses on his power and seems rather determined. He makes an electric force field around us and we arrive at Four Region in a flash, just as he said. We find some shelter under the trees. Kurami makes a large shadow above them, to acquire some shade.
"Why did you abandon the underworld?" Kurami asks Valkyrie.
"I thought about it for a while. I didn't even like it there, its hell. I was placed in hell. I don't know why. I was good person, and I guess he didn't want me in heaven."
"Who's he?"
"Satan, or if you can say...Morogami."
"He's the Devil, and you hated his personality?"
"Right you are. I was treated like hell. He wanted me to turn evil."
"I don't know what it feels like to be trea-"
"I suffered enough pain that I could withstand. Before I became a goddess, I was alone. My whole family was killed in the Crescendo War IV. All I had was my only friend, Bethany."
"Who's that?"
"My only friend. She...she was..." Valkyrie doesn't finish the sentence.
"She was what?"
"S-she w-was...killed..."
"Oh, I fe-"
"Bethany was determined to become a goddess. She was supposed to become one. She was murdered because..." Valkyrie doesn't finish.
"Because what?"
"B-because...she wanted her parents, who died in the Crescendo War IV. She wanted to be with them."
"Then how was she murdered?"
"S-she committed suicide..."
"Oh, I'm sorry."
"No, don't feel that way. Bethany got what she wanted."
"Ah, true, she did. Come on, lets hunt some food."
Valkyrie and Kurami finish their conversation and hunt for animals. They both turn back into themselves. Kurami spots a black boar. Fling! Her bow shoots the boar and is now food for the group. "Find anything?" asks Kurami. "Nope." Valkyrie replies. She then finds a pig and slices it in half with her frozen, icy sword. "Now I found something!" she chuckles. Both of them return to base camp with food and blood in their hands. "We have firewood, or not?" Rikuan asks. "We have some." Moegami replies. "Lets rest up so we have energy to scale the rocks of Drakon Mountain."
Chapter 10: Dexkon
"Where the hell is the god damn entrance?" growls Aleana. "I don't know! Besides, this damn mountain is high, up to the atmosphere!" exclaims Tian. "Shut up, you two. Stay silent. I sense something." whispers Dakogami. The sound is coming from inside the cave. AHHHGHHH! A roar is heard from inside the mountain. "Did you hear that?" asks Kurami. The roar is heard once again and was even more louder. "We should track down the source of that roar and we should find the entrance to the mountain." Rikuan says. "Right you are." whispers Artemis. "WHO DARES TO INFILTRATE MY FORTRESS?" a deep and dark voice yells. "LEAVE NOW, OR YOUR LIFE ENDS HERE!" the voice bellows. "Shut your mouth up you bastard! We're here just to collect some rubies." Kurami shouts. "YOU WANT TO PLAY IT THAT WAY? FINE THEN. I'LL JUST TEAR YOU APART!" the voice says. The group ignores the voice and eventually finds the entrance. The source of the voice is right in front of the entrance. "A-Aleana? Y-Your supposed to be dead..." the man says. "I'm more alive than ever, Dexkon. Thinking I, dead? Heck, that was 4,500 years ago!" laughs Aleana. "Ha ha ha... very well then." Dexkon whispers and disappears in a trace. "Is he a god?" Valkyrie asks. "Yes. The God of Illusion." replies Aleana. "Oh God. He's going to be a great pain in our mission." Tian says. "Come on, lets find some rubies, after that, we find Dexkon and defeat him."
Chapter 11: Moonstone Rubies
"Damn, this place really is an illusion." Artemis says. What the group was seeing, was a illusion of someone's home. "True that, Artemis. This place is scaring the crap out of me. But we have to keep going. The moonstone rubies are where Dexkon remains." Kurami replies. "Oh hell no! We have to go there?!" Artemis groans. Kurami nods and Artemis slaps her hand on her head. It stays silent until they reach Dexkon's lair. "You really have gone this far...well done. You must defeat me first before you receive the rubies. I only want to fight Kurami, to see what her worth is of saving the world." Dexkon bellows. Kurami nods and says, "Very well, then." They start to fight in their animal forms, with Kurami being a wolf and Dexkon being a eagle. Back to back hits on both of them, not giving up. Kurmai, slashes and shoots a patch of his feathers off, making a combo hit. Dexkon tears the fur out of her skin harshly on her side. Both, with their blood streaming out of their opened and bloody wounds. The final hit Kurami contacts with Dexkon, slashes his left eye and tears it out of its place, leaving a blood river down where is left eye used to be. The final hit Dexkon makes on Kurami, tears and rips her tail completely off, with all his strength, leaving a bloody waterfall out of where the tail used to be. "Agh...y-you have true strength...I am fading away, t-take the rubies...and use them of y-your liking..." He doesn't finish and dies in front of them. Kurami winces in pain as her bleeding is getting worse. "Kurami, calm down, I will heal you." Aleana and Tian say. "I will make you grow a new and fresh tail." Tian says. She takes her staff and waves it over the large wound of where the original tail used to be. In a minute, a tail appears in the spot, which looks exactly like the original one. Aleana takes her palm and waves it over the open wounds and the wounds close and the bleeding stops. Tian and Aleana combine their power to refresh me. Kurami becomes surrounded by a bright light and becomes healed completely. "Thank you..." Kurmai says in relief. Aleana and Tian nod and hug me. Kurami smiles and stands up. "Come on, lets take these rubies!" Rikuan exclaims in joy. "You fought so brave, Kurami. I wonder what its like being you..." Valkyrie says. "You wouldn't want to be me, Valkyrie!" Kurami chuckles. Rikuan takes the rubies and Moegami teleports the group out of the mountain, at last. "Now we just have to find where the underworld opening is."
Chapter 12: The Opening To Hell
"Where is Hell anyway?" Aleana asks. "The rubies will glow when we're near the opening." Kurami says. The group wanders around for more hours until the rubies start to glow. "Right here, this is the opening." Dakogami whispers. Kurami nods and puts all of the rubies on the exact spot. The ground shakes and an opening appears and they fall through. "AHHHH!!!" they scream. All of them land safely and they look around themselves. Its just what Valkyrie described it would be. Full of hellfire, redness, darkness, and of course, hell. We see a path and go through it. "Kurami, welcome to my home. My home of death." a voice says. "Valkyrie, I see you befriended Kurami. How stupid of you to choose that desicion." the voice bellows once again. "Satan, shut the hell up! I don't need to hear anything you have to say to me! I wish your god damn mouth would never exist!" Valkyrie says back. "Morogami, get out of my way." Kurami says. "You must fight me first. Only you." he replies. Kurami makes a determined face. Her red eyes glow in anger. Kurami as a wolf and Morogami as a hawk. They fight one-on-one, back-to-back attacks on their bodies. Tearing the feathers off of Satan, and tearing the fur off of Kurami. Taking a knockback slash from him, its tears Kurami's right eye out, leaving an empty hole. She jumps onto the evil hawk and digs her claws in his flesh. His blood seeps out, pure red, as her claws go in deeper. They eventually break the veins on the spot, making Satan lose a lot of blood. Kurami does the same thing on different places on his body. Breaking veins back and forth, Satan's wings eventually do not work anymore and falls to the ground. He claws my fur with extreme speed, leaving open blood spilling out. My claws slice both of the dead wings completely off. Pure red liquid pours out. Satan falls to the ground in pain, with blood covered feathers all over him. "THIS IS FOR MY PARENTS!" Kurami picks him up, throws upward, slashes in anger, and one last time, takes her moon crescent, and knocks him to the wall. Satan crows in pain and says with weakness, "You have bested me, well done...we will meet again, in death." He makes a final cry and dies. Valkyrie approaches and faces me. "Kurami, a-are you..?" "Valkyrie, I am. I am your long lost friend, your friend who committed suicide. God revived me." she says. Valkyrie embraces her and starts to cry. "I finally found you, Bethany..." Kurami starts to vanish and she disappears, onto heaven.
Chapter 13: Restoration From Heaven
Kurami opens her eyes, and around was a plain with only one tree in the middle. Around the tree, were thousands of good souls, playing and chatting with others. Kyoko is in the middle of the crowd. She walks to the large tree, and approaches him. "Kurami, follow me." he whispers. She follows him to a distant grassland. "I don't want to tell you this, but I am the one who started this tragedy. You must kill me to save this world. I am one of the commanders of Hell." Kyoko says. "No, it can't be!" she exclaims in disbelief. Kyoko disapproves of her answer and proves it. He transformed into his true form. It was a demon, with devilish wings and horns, with red eyes. His body was bulky and had black armor on him. "Kill me, I must pay my price." he bellows. Kurami sharpens her claws in fear. She nears Kyoko, leaps onto him, and stabs him in the middle of his head, and blood spatters out. He kneels down and whispers, "Thank you, you did the right thing..." He lets out his final breath and perishes. Kurami is now alone, with Kyoko's rotting corpse. She raises her palm and a moon appears above the skies. Her hand makes a blinding ball of bright moonlight and shouts, "The moon's soul is with me!!!!!" The light ball becomes so large, its as big as the tree. "Sacrifice...is my fate!" she screams. The bright light ball shoots into the sky, taking her soul and power with it. Her last shouting cry echoes as her soul vanishes for eternity. "I'm sorry...I had to leave you this way..." her voice echoes as the night is restored, never to be disturbed, ever again. Kurami's legend is passed down from god to goddess, all giving wonder to believe and sacrifice for the whole world, if mankind mostly needs it.
Who is Kurami?
Kurami, the main character in the story, is me! I am Kurami! The author of this story is me, so yeah, I'm Kurami. There, all those rumors is solved!