The Gourmet Husband

Daniel Conklin

Leaves are falling by the hundreds, ever so slowly fluttering to bury the ground, as Natalie approaches the front door and gives it a good knock. She waits a moment, but soon hears the shuffling of tiny feet and the turning of locks radiating through the wooden front door.
Kayla opens the door with a swift tug and, with a smiling face, stands in front of Natalie. Natalie stares in shock at her friend's unruly hair, flour-caked face, and wine-stained apron, but the sweet aromas of fresh brewed coffee and a delightful roast serve as justification for the disheveled appearance and allow her initial shock to fade.
Kayla turns and enters the house, leaving the door open in the process. "Well," she says, "don't just stand there. Do come in."
Natalie enters the house and begins to speak.
Wow. It smells amazing in here. 
Darling, you look horrible. Is everything okay?
Hi Kayla, where's Frank?