The Fall

Emma Stone

Well, you certainly weren't expecting your next article to involve facing a magical portal. Of course, you're a supernatural investigative journalist, so you've dealt with your fair share of weird shit.
But this is happenstance. You've been investigating reports of some sort of aquatic society's ruins, and some disappearing people in a nondescript part of the ocean. A church where some of the reports happened is serving as your current hub of exploration, but you hadn't found anything until you stumbled upon a secret door.
Seriously. A secret door. What is this, Dungeons and Dragons? Muffling your sighs of annoyance so your boss didn't hear it through your earpiece, you dutifully entered the creepy hallway, only to be faced with, yep –– a magical portal. And now, here you stand. Your earpiece has shorted out, and your phone has no service.
One hell of an investigative journalist.
Well, this is it. Now or never.
Enter the portal.
Fuck it. Walk home.