By Kunal Koul

In the 1980's a young man named Devlin lived in Bed Stay, Brooklyn in New York City. He is nineteen years old and lives with his parents and sister. He lived in a bad neighborhood and was trying his best to get out of that area as he went to college attempting to do better for himself and not be sucked into the degenerate world that was around him. His father works at a restaurant in the upper area of Brooklyn and his mother works for the state of New York and works at the DMV. He is protective of his sister since she is only sixteen years old and vulnerable to becoming what the others around her are like and probably could be easily influenced.
Usually Devlin and his family didn't have to worry about financial issues because they did well but when unexpected issues came up he took up a job to help pay for the expenses.That same issue had come up part way through his second year in school. He goes around looking for a place that will hire him.
He finds a job
No luck at all