Would you survive a nuclear blast?


On a Tuesday in the not too distant future, you have just woken up to the sound of chirping. You reach over to the nightstand for your cellphone and shut off the alarm, instead of hitting snooze. You check today's weather and read that it will be a warm day - great weather for going into the city, if you choose to do so. You remind yourself that your home is just a little over 2 miles outside of Downtown Los Angeles & City Hall. You slide your legs over the side of the bed, plant your feet on the ground, and you make a decision about your day. Little do you know that your seemingly minor decision will impact the rest of your life.
"I really should go to the Pershing Square farmer's market. All right - I'm going into the city."
"Ehh...I'd rather stay in today. I need to catch up on some work, and I promised to video chat with my nieces this morning."