The Martian: Why did you leave me here? a CYOA based on the original story by Andy Weir

Jason Lamont

So...the Ares 3 mission was a failure. We spent 6 days here and as luck would have it, a storm screwed things up. 9 months to get here and all we get to do is turn on the lights inside the Hab. I can't blame them for leaving me, after all they thought I was dead. It's not your fault Commander Lewis!
During the storm of Sol 6, things started getting bad...really bad. The MAV was starting to tip and we had to evacuate the Hab or else lose our only way of escaping the planet. On our way through the dust storm, the antennas for the radios tore loose and became flying debris. Funny thing about 175 kilometer per hour wind is that you can walk into it and make progress, slowly; as soon as you lose contact with the ground, you become just another piece of debris. The antenna tore through our group, picked me up, and carried me with it.
When the antenna struck me, it knocked the wind out of me and killed my bio monitor which was sending my vital statistics to the rest of the group. "Mark's Dead, we need to leave," was the last transmission I heard over the radio before I fell unconscious.
I woke up with a splitting headache and an annoying beeping in my ear. "I'm alive?" I look down at my bio monitor and see that it was smashed beyond repair. My oxygen sensor on the other wrist was fine except for the fact that I was breathing mostly pure oxygen; my suit ran out of nitrogen as it compensated for the hole in my suit that was leaking. I only have 10 minutes remaining before I suffocate to death!
Lay there and die.
Get up and stumble back to the Hab.