Deaf Education and LRE

Haylee Barros

One of the most important decisions a parent faces is where they will educate their child. Fortunately, the it is a federal mandate for schools to provide Least Restrictive Environment (LRE) possible for each student. LRE is defined as “the requirement in federal law that students with disabilities receive their education, to the maximum extent appropriate, with nondisabled peers and that special education students are not removed from regular classes unless, even with supplemental aids and services, education in regular classes cannot be achieved satisfactorily.” Keep this in mind as you face the decisions of a Deaf high school student. Which of the following is the LRE?
Lucky you! You are one of the 2 out of every 1,000 children that was born with significant hearing loss or deafness. Like 90% of deaf children, you were born to two healthy, hearing parents. After being homeschooled for your elementary years, you and your parents have decided to reconsider your education options now that you're about to start high school. So many choices! What do you do?
Stay in homeschool! I'm comfy where I am.
Send me to school! I want to socialize.