The Landlady, Continued

Alice Chen

The landlady sat across from me, smiling warmly. I rose from my chair. "Well," I said, "I'll be going to bed now. Good night."
"Sleep tight, Billy," she replied, the smile still on her face. I pushed back my chair and left the woman. I began climbing up long flight of stairs. By the time I reached my room, I started feeling slightly uncomfortable. My stomach rumbled, and I seemed to be having trouble breathing. I decided to go back to the landlady to seek help. I stumbled downstairs, my discomfort intensifying. My head pounded, my stomach churned, and each breath was a stab of pain. I was seriously worried now. I managed to make it back downstairs and collapsed in the chair beside the woman. "I'm not feeling well," I gasped.
"You aren't? Here, why don't you have some more tea? I'm sure it will make you feel much better."