Kristin Kite

Congratulations you have been chosen as one of the candidates for a very important project! Your answers will enlighten us with the results we need to find the cure for The Flare. Unless you want to live a life of a mindless, blood thirsty crank. I'd choose your path wisely. Oh, and don't forget... you're on camera. Good luck! - WICKED
You're awaken by the sound of your own quiet snoring. You jerk upright, and scan the room from every angle. All that is in your line of vision is still a small steel toilet, a rickety wooden desk, and a door directly in front of you that you've tried to open over ten times already. What do you do now?
A) Disregard the camera watching your every move, and begin to rustle through the desk for a key or weapon.
B) Wait it out patiently because you believe you're in here for a good reason.