A Night at the Bar

Penworth Scribbler

<i>"All Hail our noble Regent, Ruler of our Empire and Protector of the Realm." </i>The public jostles about the open-aired court to get a better look at their to-be crowned liege.
A lithe, auburn-haired veiled lady draped in shimmering alabaster robes walks towards you slowly, holding an emerald and ruby encrusted crown carved from dragon bone. Two young orderlies walk by her side, draped in simple white robes. As you look upon your adoring public, you strum your hands on the ivory throne you rest on.
<i>"High Priestess, we are ready to commence the coronation ceremony." </i>announces the court page. The veiled High Priestess approaches you, and two young orderlies take off her veil. She gazes at you with warm oak eyes, and holds the crown above your head. She announces, <i>"Noble Regent, for your valiant efforts in saving this land, and by the power vested in me by the Divine Pantheon, I shall crown thee liege of this empire, and with it, command of all its riches, lands and loyal subjects, to do as you see fit."</i>
<i>"You need only speak the words, my Liege, and we shall be bound to you, for as long as you shall see fit to command us. Please, repeat after me."</i>
<i>"I, acting Regent, do take up this crown..."</i>
"I, acting Regent, do take up this crown..."