warriors of light 

Bryan Hadd

<i>Once upon a time...there was a man and his child hood friend they decided to gather a group to go on a adventure. they gather three other people a mage a thief and a warrior. they embarked on this adventure to discover a new dawn and this adventure they will counter creatures of a unknown origin. they fought to continue on there adventure. they traveled to towns of many, met plenty of people, gained thousand of dollars to help for food and drinks and first aid. they gained experience from battling those creatures and there travels they came across another group of fighters, and made a alliance with them. we are called the warriors of light. on this adventure they found so many treasures of gold and jewelry. there goal was a hard one to complete. finding a new dawn met many alliances between people. those warriors together made them a unstoppable team of friendship and romance and heroship. eventually they found there way to complete the goal to make a new dawn of peace and harmony between races. but that goal wasn't so easy they had one last obstacle a beast and dragon with the power of fire and wind. they had make a strategy to defeat the foe they put the warriors in front the mages and healers in back and the thieves and assassins in the side lines for a sneak attack from behind the warriors kept attacking and the the mages kept using protection spells while the healers kept healing the warriors. the thieves and assassins attacked from behind and defeat the dragon and save the world from hatred all the people cheered for them and made a statue of them to represent the saviors of earth forever. The End</i>