Menace to the Airwaves  (2/2)

(identity withheld)

"So. We should go in now, shouldn't we?" Bascrobat resumed the situation. The party of three stood before the container of which they had blown away the door and into which Butch had disappeared with Ramon.
"Yes, well, we ..." Taxi started, only to be apruptly interrupted by Camilla.
"Should? We must go into! Evil man has taken Ramon, and Dios knows what is he doing to him right now! Vamos, vamons!"
"Yes, but perhaps the situation does need somewhat more consideration." Bascrobat was not at ease with the prospect of entering without knowing what he was getting himelf into. "We should clearly inform mission control before we take any further action."
That was the moment 002 1/2 reached the scene. "Agreed," he greeted them. "Consider me mission control and tell me what the hell happened," he said.
"Oh! You … but, how … and …" Bascrobat was clearly embarrassed.
"Just round up the situation, will you?" 002 1/2 hissed at him, and Bascrobat did.
"So, we got an entrance that is presumably HQ West, into which we know there have been carried a bunch of explosives. We have a dubious person and a helpless brother that disappeared into it. And we can guess the password for this entrance. Am I right?"
"Yes …"
"Fine. On my way here, I contacted the organisation, and they will send a backup squad as quickly as they can. Meanwhile, we should find out as much as possible – let's go in." In 002 1/2's perspective, things seemed pretty clear, and he was not accepting any objections.
The small party approached the sliding door that was directly behind where the original container doors had been. 002 1/2 entered the operation name in the keypad, and the door slid open, just to reveal another massive door of heavy steel.
"I said there'd be some kind of other obstacle," mumbled Taxi disapprovingly. "So, how are we gonna get past this?"
"There's got to be some kind of opening mechanism," said 002 1/2, and indeed, after only a few moments of searching, Camilla discoverd another keypad that was firmly embedded into the concrete wall on one side of the door. This one had no labels, though – only five rows with three keys each above one another with no further writing on them. The top row was glowing gently.
"Now, I bet this is where we remember what Ramon was yelling before Butch dragged him into this," Bascrobat said.
"Yeah," replied Taxi. "Let's see. I guess we're supposed to start where it's glowing." He went up to the keypad, hesitated only shortly and pressed …
… the left button.
… the middle button.
… the right button.