A Witch Hunt in 17th Century Denmark

Lauren Wurthmann and Lindsay Cates

It is March of 1618 in Aalborg, Denmark. You are Maren Poulsdatter, a well-know healer in the community. Although you are a peasant, you have made a name for yourself by providing neighbors and friends with healing concoctions for various maladies.
However, for a couple months you have heard that rumors have been circulating that you are more than just a healer, but a witch. You haven't gotten along with your neighbors, the Nielsdatters, and some of your best clients haven't come for anything in a while.
Things are getting worse with the Nielsdatters. They won't even look at you when you pass in the town. When you arrive home one day from running errands, local inquisitors stop you and say the Nielsdatters have accused you of:
Murdering their cows
Healing their son of an illness