The Beginning of Creature Nyx ****


Red was, quite expectedly, surprised upon seeing a little bundle in a basket before the threshold of their door. Like anyone part of a happy couple, she had wanted a child for a while, her and her spouse being aged at their mid-thirties. It was not that Red was infertile, nor her husband Dahn, in fact if they tried to bear a child now it would not take long for Red to begin showing.
Red's bloodline had a history of poor births. She herself was anemic and had smallish hips. Dahn was very worried about his wife, he feared that child birth would kill her, as it did her mother.
Red looked down at the bundle and thought...
"This child must belong to someone, I should go look around for its parents."
"This child is mine now! And I will never let it go!"
"I don't want this child, I want my own child. I want Dahn's child."
"This child should not be left out in the cold. I should bring it inside and then talk to Dahn about what we should do about this."