The Darkness of mere being

a lost kitten

<b>Part 1 When Laura met Kenny</b>
As on every Friday, a few guys and gals from work meet at the local waterhouse, "Cullen's."
But tonight, you have a mission. Phase one went according to plan. Laura, the shy, bookish girl from Tom's team finally agreed to come along. So did the new guy, Kenny. From watercooler conversations, you gathered they're both into anime. You nudged Kenny towards Laura's favorite show, Mushishi. Here's hoping he watched some of it last night as he promised.
You've managed to place them at a wall table with you. They sit opposite each other, Laura stirring a well-stirred tea and Kenny giving his beer quarter turns on its coaster. Kenny's so nervous he even forgot to take off his jacket, and Laura is still clutching her purse.<b></b><b></b>
Talk to them.