Jared Dominguez

You're not supposed to be alive. You escaped from a facility on the moon, but now an android called CK is ordering all of his robotic subjects to hunt and kill you. You are presumed to be dead, as the robots are extremely tough to get rid of. But, you have one lead on saving the world and yourself from CK. Something about a new project. Project <i>Reboot</i>, to be exact. You know that the project must be on the moon base. But all of NASA is controlled by CK, so you have no way to fly there. Or do you? You remember the pod that you used to escape from the moon. Could it still be working? It's worth a shot. You climb on your hijacked motorcycle that you stole from an android. When you get to what's left of your house, you find the escape pod. You climb inside. There are many buttons. Which do you press?
The red button.
The yellow button.
The green button.
The black button.