Overcoming Indifference at HealthGen

Michael Zurhaf

<b>Congratulations!  </b>You have just been promoted to Vice President of Human Resources within the mid-sized biotech company <i>HealthGen</i>.  You have worked extremely hard to get to this position and are proud of your accomplishment.
At the same time, you understand just how difficult of a task you have in front of you.  While once a successful and well-recognized company within the industry, your organization is now struggling with low morale and poor employee performance.  The CEO doesn’t know what the problem is, but he is optimistic that you can figure it out and appropriately fix it. 
As you start your first day as the leader in HR, you peer out your office window and consider the task in front of you.  As the CEO informed you, addressing the lacksidasical workforce is your one and only responsibility. You understand that you will be faced with numerous opportunities and challenges.  You recognize that there are countless paths that you can take—some harder than others, and each with their own ramifications—but only one will work. 
Sounds exciting.  Let's get started!