One morning of fall


'FALL' is one of my favourite season,I dont know why but its always give me feelings of changing life.Those falling leafs of fall for me like the passing days of our life.. And the dull weather makes me sad and I start to think about all the suffering and bad experience of my life which makes me more strong and determined.The reason why I am writing so many things about fall because one of the most bad incident of my life happened in that season.
Well enough of introduction lets start the main story.....fall of 2015 yes this year,the date was 16th of September just 3day after my 32nd birthday, as usual morning was start normally I drop my daughter in her school come back home just preparing to call my home country, someone knock the door,at first I thought any delivery came because a boy live in downstair he always bought things from amazon or ebay.most of the day I have to open the door because he left home early morning,so I went downstair to open the door,there was a man whom i known from before but I dont want to mention his name ,ok lets give him a fake name then it will be easy to addressing him,lets call him Rude,well he told me to come out from the house,he said you have to leave the house just now we have court order,bay leaf people gonna come very soon so you have to leave the house right now,I was shocked,I dont know what to do,that man Rude is actually from the agency from whom we took the house for rent 5 year ago at 2010,on that time when we took the house for rent we were 11 people but now after 5 year only 2 left.I had some due amount towards that agency they said to me that they cut it from deposit.I was agreed to them to give £30 every wk but i was failed to give 3 wk and that is the reason why they kicked me out from the house,before that, they told me that I have to pay it other wise they will take action but they never clarify me that I have to leave the house on that day.That Rude ,that man I know him for 5years,he even dont feel any need to call me or come my house and tell me that you guys have to leave the house by that day when if there is 1day we had been late to give the rent he come or call or send some body.
To give tbe rent he come or call or send some body,i asked him to give me 2/3days but he dont give me,i was outside with my 18 montbs old kid,it was a win
I asked him to give me 2/3days but he dont gave me,I was outside with my 18 months old kid,it was a windy fall morning and was about to rain cold enough for a 18 months old child he didnt even allow me to stand inside where I live for 5 years.I was not a criminal.Infront of him my babys push chair drop thank God i lock the belt otherwise my kid could be badly hurt on that day but he didnt even come to help me to pick the push chair.
On that day I realise what its mean to be homeless,or how its feel when anybody snatched the roof of your head.Whenever I remember those things I feel empty inside me,I feel strange.I have sooo many question inside me,isn't this world is for all of us,isn't humanity is the important things for human but why most of the human dont have humanity, I know nobody can give me answer.
This is not a story its a screaming from a human who wants to know is there any human left in this world who has humanity and a question to our creator is there any punishment is for those unhuman person? Or not.