The Man Behind the Paw

By Joud H. Andijani and Lama T. AlRajhi

"Coulson! This way!"
Phil Coulson shot the evil HYDRA agents standing in front of him before calling out to the others.
“Mace! Daisy! Come on!”
The trio of secret S.H.I.E.L.D agents raced towards the source of the voice, panting when they reached it.
“May, what’s the plan?” Coulson asked.
“Fitz has a time machine. Project Looking Glass. It’s the only escape plan available”
“Still no way to escape this virtual prison?”
“No, our mentalities are stuck here. There’s only the time machine.”
“Alright, lead the way.”
The team followed May into the lab, where they found Fitz and Simmons preparing the contraption.
“Fitzsimmons! How’s it going?”
“Enter the capsule. Buckle up. Get ready.” Fitz ordered, his Scottish accent thick.
The team did as they were told, Fitz entering last while pressing a couple buttons. Suddenly, the team was engulfed by a blinding purple light. When they opened their eyes, they realized that they weren’t in the HYDRA base anymore, but next to a small house in the middle of nowhere.
“Fitz, where are we?”
“I don’t know. I didn’t have time to pick a specific time or location”
The team decided to approach the house to find shelter. Daisy knocked on the door, the team standing behind her. An old woman opened the door, apprehensive at first but welcoming once Daisy explained that they were lost. She presented herself as Mrs. White, and judging by the way she was dressed, it was around the middle 19th century.
“The paw grants any three wishes to any three men”
The team found three men sitting together, talking about an object placed between them.
“Excuse me, but did you say the paw grants wishes?” Coulson interrupted.
The men looked up and were surprised by the appearance of the new people. Mrs. White introduced the men as her husband, Mr. White, her son, Herbert, and Mr. Morris.
“Yes, the paw grants wishes, but whoever uses it now shall be the last one” Mr. Morris explained.
“Let me have it,” Mace spoke.
“No, I shall take it,” scowled Mr. White.
The two men argued and Mr. Morris looked between them. Finally, Mr. Morris decided who to give it to.
Mace takes the paw.
White takes the paw.