The Line Up


You look at line up. 3 men. One of them killed that kid and you only have one witnesses word to go on. "That one," she says. She's pointing at the first man, Chuck Leeroy. He's a notorious criminal in these parts of Queens, but killing a kid, that seems out of his league by more than a little bit. The witness claims she caught a glimpse of him taking off into an alley. She's 73 and it was at around 9pm so her accountability doesn't seem to be too good. You're going to have to interview all 3. The second man, John Goodman isn't much of anything. He was in the area at the time and is mostly here to give a statement on what he saw. The 3rd man Luke Hart. Young, about 19 but still a tough kid. He's the son of Al Hart, one of the biggest gangstas in this part of America. Lately he's been making a big impact, following in his fathers footsteps no doubt. So the big decision is on who to interview first. So who do you choose?
The Notorious Criminal
The Nobody
The Aspiring Son