Hansel, Gretel, and the Great Witches

Marcos Izquierdo

It hadn't been a very good winter for poor Hansel. At 20 years old life had not been very kind to him or his younger sister, while they had acquired quite a fortune in gems from a certain house made of candy, the cost was too great;The pair had dealt with evil stepmothers, an inept yet loving father and a murderous witch that haunted both their dreams all these years later. His sister had run into the forest after a heated argument., Hansel regretted the petty matters that had slowly driven him and his sister apart in the absence of their late father.
At first He wasn't much concerned about his sister running off, the 17 year old Gretel knew the forest like the palm of her hand., much better than Hansel ever did, plus she was fierce and had a charm that had gotten them out of troublesome situations. After 2 days however, Hansel became more anxious by the minute and set off after his sister determined to bringing her home even if he had to apologize.
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