Untitled Story


Completely broken by how poison spew from her lover’s mouth. She hesitates and tries to convince him but yet he denies for what she has to say. Persistent tries, tensions rise. His words laced with profanity echoed in the halls, “LEAVE”. Amana exits. Sobbing.
Days now past and hope still cannot be seen. Sucked inside a whirlpool of the socials, Amana only feels bluer as she disconnects further and further from her reality. Track of time lost. Her family now concerned. Her brother would ask to bring her food, but she would deny herself of this privilege. Days pass. Still no hope.
One day, while lying in her bed using her phone as a window to the world. Scrolls down and see pictures of her friend getting married, getting degrees, traveling. This stirs her emotions for the worst. She now feels lonelier than ever. Inmist of this she lays her eyes on video game advertisement. For a game which connects you to an A.I fictitious astronaut stranded in space. Confused yet intrigued she downloads the game and signs up. She receives her first text. The astronaut replies. The exchange continues for several minutes until the astronaut send a cartoonish picture of himself. This text and picture, drew a smile on Amana’s Face. She sprung out of bed to fix her appearance. She takes out a new dress, washes her face and brushes her hair. All prepared to send the astronaut a picture of her. And she did.
Time now flew for something pure for brewing in the heart. They would now text religiously, on the street, at the café, sitting or laying there just wasn’t any end to the topics they would discuss. Months now pass and the conversations still hadn’t stale. Amana had found herself another distraction.
2 Months later
Amana sat on the sofa. News played in the background. Everything swell that is till she receives a message from the astronaut. Her phone beeps and tings. A stream of messages pour, all a cry for help. They explain the astronaut’s craft catching fire, an explosion in the west capsule. Frazzled Amana messages him of her concern but the situation is to dire. In his last messages received he makes peace with his fate causing Amana to break down. A final messaged is received, a voice message. Played, and the transcript of wisdom.
“A man’s life is journey. A journey of finding purpose. A purpose for living. And sometimes we lose track of our purpose and dwell in sorrow for we are now lost. We yearn for perfection but we forget the very thing that makes us unique is, our flaws.
Live your life like there is no tomorrow. You are only what you believe. Be among those who empower you. Who celebrate you. Life is short, so live it large.”
In these words played Amana reflects. Puts everything in perspective. Realizes where she stood. The words had truly challenged her, stirred an end to all those internal conflicts. She now knew what she needed to do.