The Handbook Of Life: American Edition

Nate Fleming

Welcome to the handbook of life. Before we begin I must go over the ground rules for how this book works.
There are seven rules, the first being you must make a choice. The other five rules aren’t that important so they are going to be written about later.
The first lesson I am teaching you is procrastination of course! That is something that happens in life, but not in this book. That must be rule two then, NO PROCRASTINATING. You have to make a choice and make a choice now.
Since we were able to get all that out the way you get to make your first choice in the Handbook Of Life: A Choose Your Own Adventure Story. Turn to page two to continue.
I don't know how you got around the security I placed on the cover of this book. Just know that I will be watching you closely throughout this. If you even blink again, I will terminate this thing!
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