A Brotherhood Divided

Jordan, Amaya, Nikkia, Travis

<b>June 2, 1841 [Lewis (Pa)]</b> It’s a miracle, oh God thank you! Not only have you gave me the gift of a son, but you have given two and took nothing in return. Though the day is cloudy, I can feel the sunlight, your smile. Your grace, beaming down on me, granting warmth and strength for both me and my wife to carry on through the many trials to come.
<b>January 5, 1858 [Clayton]</b> Pa had beaten the new slave girl again for asking for some blankets.. I don’t understand how you could do something to another person. All this work, this beating. What makes them think that someone is less because of their skin? I plan to give her a blanket tonight, but sneaking out late will be hard..
<b>January 6, 1858 [Clarence]</b> Clay has been acting up lately. Last night, Pa caught him sneaking out with a blanket to the slave quarters. He has some sort of empathy for these people. I honestly think he’s gone soft. He’d better shape up before Pa straightens him out.
<b>May 23, 1859 [Clayton]</b> I think I have fallen hard for this girl, Lauretta, but how do I express my feelings. This is taboo and I am sure if my family knew they would sell or beat her. I apologize in advance and plan on discussing plans with them to run away. The new news of building tension between the north and south scare me but could be just what I need to make this plan works.
<b>June 3, 1859 [Clayton]</b> Running away tonight, I’ve packed my bags and prepared myself for my travels. We meet late tonight, me and Lauretta, and run away to the North. The free states. And I shall fight for her freedom, and anyone like her, like these people. I love you Pa and Clarence.
After Clayton runs away he goes north and joins the Union. Clarence now in emotional distress is pressured to join the Confederate cause. Now it is up to the reader, you, to decide who you follow and their actions throughout this war. As this war is more than war between a nation but a war between brothers...
Go with Clarence
Go with Clayton