Unlucky St. Patrick's day

Robert Towell

There was a twenty one year old man under the name of Frank who wanted to get a car because his parent's car broke down on St. Patrick's Day of last year and he wanted his own car. In order to save money for his new car he became a bartender in Elma. Frank went to a car dealership in Elma,Iowa and he met a thirty something female car dealer, under the name of Suzanne. Frank said "I need a used car."
<b>Suzanne replied, "What kind of a car are you looking for?"</b>
"I am looking for a 512 TR," commented Frank.
<b>"Well this is your lucky day." Suzanne responded,"We have a beautiful white 512 TR on the lot." </b>
"Well I never said what color it should be so I will take it," Frank replied.
<b>"Wonderful, I am sure you will enjoy such a spectacular sports car," Suzanne beamed. </b>
After exactly one day, Frank's 512 TR's motor broke down in the middle of the countryside. Frank was not happy with this so naturally he called Suzanne.
Frank called Suzanne, "Hello Suzanne remember that 512 TR I bought yesterday?"
<b>"Yes Frank I do remember the car." Suzanne answered, "Are you enjoying it?"</b>
"No Suzanne it broke down in the middle of a countryside road, " Frank commented.
<b>"Oh Dear." Suzanne exclaimed, "We will send someone out to pick you and the car up immediately. When you get here we will discuss what we can do. We always stand behind our vehicles."</b>
"Alright Suzanne," Frank said.
The shop went out to haul the car and Frank back to the shop. Frank was upset over the car. He was wondering what his options will be.
Exactly one hour and thirty minutes later. He went back to Suzanne. "How are you going to stand behind this?" asked Frank.
<b>"Well," replied Suzanne. "We have a couple options. We can put it in the shop and put a new motor in the car you have</b> "
"<b>Or we can trade it for the red 512 TR that we just got in. We would be glad to work with you."</b>
"Put in the new motor," commented Frank.
<b>"Wonderful" replied Suzanne, "I will get the mechanics on this right away. Do you need a loaner car while we get it fixed?"</b>
"Yes Suzanne," retorted Frank.
<b>"We will get the keys for the loaner and send you on your way. We will see you in about a week. Have a great day Frank," responded Suzanne.</b>
And after a week passed Frank's 512 TR and finally got fixed. Frank's loaner car was returned in perfect condition and Frank's 512 TR did not break down for a very long time.