Mahou Shoujo Pretty Up!

Jazzera Francis

Once upon a time... A girl was rushing to her new school. Aw man. Mom told me not to be up so late designing things again. I'm gonna be late for my first day at my new school. I've gotta hurry.
I-I made it! Sorry I'm late.
You must be the new transfer student. I am your homeroom teacher, Ninamori-sensei. Come in and introduce yourself.
Will do, Ma'am. Hi, everyone. My name is Sumeragi Matoi. Please call me Matoi. Nice to meet you, everyone. I just moved here from Piragaoka, Tokyo. My hobbies include cooking and karate. Oh yeah! I'm also a fashion designer.
That was a pretty good introduction, Sumeragi. Let's see. Who should you sit next to?
There's a seat behind me, Sensei!
That'll work. Sumeragi, sit behind Kusanagi.
Yes, Ma'am.
Nice to meet you, Sumeragi-san. My name is...
Kusanagi Yuma, right?
That's right, but how did you know my name?
I recognize you now. You're Sumeragi Matoi aka the " Red Falcon." You're one of the people who formed an ESP foundation as I saw on Tv.
I'm not. You've got the wrong person.
That new girl is a freaky physic. Yeah. Scary!
You're... You're wrong!
Hey! Matoi-chan, come back here. You bullies!
They don't know anything. I've gotta get outta here.
It's always like this. Everyone treats me different.
Huh?! Is someone else crying?
I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make such a ruckus.
Huh? My wand is glowing. Can it be?
You're the one. I finally found you.
First of all, who and what are you?!
How rude! Anyway, my name is Miyu, your fairy spirit. You are the chosen one. Sumeragi Matoi.
How do you know my name and chosen one is not a familiar term in my personality.
Matoi-chan! You okay? Oh, Miyu-chan.
You know what this thing is, Yuma-chan?
Course I do! Everyone at this school has a different kind of spirit, but only four people with fairy spirits are the chosen ones and I think you're one of them.
This is just so unbelievable!
Well, believe it!
Who're you?
I'm Yuma's fairy spirit, Yuri.
COME AGAIN?! How are you, a human, Yuma's Spirit?
But she's not a human.
You seem clueless, so let me show you.Azure Azure Mizu no Azure, Yose Henshin.
Proof enough, correct?
Yes. Sorry for doubting you. Wait, you said fairy spirit. That means that Yuma-chan is also a chosen one. Miyu should transform into a human, too. It wouldn't be good if bad people see her as a fairy.
You're completely right, Matoi. Pink Pink Utsukishi Pinku Hana Henshin.
You look great, Miyu.