Six Guns Episode 2 - Camalada's Cemetery


After helping his friend he decided to go back to Oregon,his homecountry.Then he went to his home in his hometown,Socorro Town,as soon as he arrived he heard some people saying the cemetery 2 meters away from the town there is a house over there and inside there are supernatural monsters and flying witches.The Next Morning he decided to go to the house in the cemetery. Inside there were vampire ghouls,flying witches and some women with masks and with knives.He killed them by shooting reaching half of the house he saw a Statue of a Dragon shooting lasers he kept shooting him but couldn't suddenly he went behind it and Jack saw a lantern,he shot it and the statue broke and dissipated into smoke likethe other demons.Then a door was lifted up and behind it had a scale to exit,he climbed the scale and went back to town.He said to the people that all the demons are dead.The people were shocked, one of them went in the house and saw nothing.Then everyone believed.Everyone was happy that this problem is solved.