The Hunting Trip Gone Wrong


My friends Mark, Payton, Mary and I were going to the store to buy some tags. On our way to the woods, we talked about our plans for the day. We were going to start at 9:00am and end at 9:30pm, with a one hour break for lunch. We took a while to decide where we all wanted to go, and before we knew it, it was already 9:45am! So then we quickly decide where we were going to go.
“Wake up you two, don’t you two want to go hunting out in the Mollers Woods?’’ I said. I am the old grumpy 23 year old, according to Mary and Payton. “I haven't gone hunting ever since I was 8 years old with my dad, Mr. Kitchen. I shot my doe the first time I was out that first year.”
“We don’t care! Let us sleep longer.”
“Five more minutes,”said Mary. A 20 year old with brown curly hair, brown eyes and is pretty tail. She loves to eat oreos, steaks, and smoothes. Mark and I call her the lazy one, but she is actually pretty active. She is in many sports and lots of activities. The sports that she goes out for are basketball, track, volleyball and many more.
“Girls these days, Mark, they’re taking too long!” I said. Mark is my best friend. We have been friends ever since we started going to daycare at Darcy’s Day Care. Ever since then, we were the best friends of the century. He has brown hair, and brown eyes and he ugly according to Payton, but Mary just loves him. They were dating for 6 months, that day.
“Fine I will be ready in ten minutes,” Mary said, “You should have told us yesterday, we would’ve woke up early then.” Mary is always ready when she is fully aware of what she is going to do. The calendar in her room proves it. She even has a separate calendar for school. I think she waste her money on those types of things, but she disagrees.
“Give me 10 minutes, Gosh!” Payton said. “No.  If you girls take 5 more minutes, Mark and I are going to the store without you!” I said as I had to scream just so they would hear me upstairs. “You can’t leave without me, I have the keys to the truck!” Payton said. She really can be smart when she knows its hunting day.  “I know where the back up keys are, so haha,” I said that very sternly to then find out those were also taken by Mary.
“No you don’t, I took them. Their right here,” said Mary feeling very happy with herself. “Guys hurry up, we have to go soon,” said Mark, “or the tags will be gone.” The girls got dressed and ready to go. I thought they took forever, but it was only 10 minutes. It was actually one of their fastest records.
Payton and I went to get tags at Cabela’s, and we left Mary and Mark in the truck. We got 8 tags which cost us about $160! We walked out of the store shocked to see that Mary had barfed all over Marks pants!
When we opened the door all we heard was “I’m so sorry, it was Payton’s fault. She’s the one that made the bad breakfast,” and after that we heard Mark say, “This is gross, why couldn’t you face the other way!” Right then we heard the start of a big fight. Payton and I just sat there trying not to laugh. We knew if we did they would get mad at us, instead of one another, and we didn’t want that to happen.
We left and separated Mary and Mark, as we got to the road we needed to park on, we thought about how the deer would smell Mark. We didn’t have any other pants for him; all we had was Mary’s colorful night gown.
Mark just said “I guess I will just have to wear that. Ugh.” “No I will just have to drive you home, the girls can get the first pack.” I winked at him like they wouldn’t get anything anyway. But Mark insisted that we just stay and he would wear the colorful night gown.
After we had gotten our tags and Mark had gotten changed, we started towards our hunting grounds, Mollers woods. Payton has been hunting at Moeller’s woods ever since she was a child, but this is Harry’s, Mark’s, and Mary’s first time hunting in Moellers woods.
“Mark, why didn’t we just go get you some new pants?” I asked him while putting his puked on pants in a garbage bag to take home. Mary felt bad for ruining Mark’s new pants, but she was concerned about the stains on the seats in the truck the most. We had to just figure things out like nothing had happened to Mark’s pants. But he looked hilarious in Mary’s colorful night ``gown. We took many pictures of him to make sure we would always remember it. We knew we could use it as blackmail later if we wanted to. Thats what I planned on doing anyway.
We all started out to the sections we had designated to each other. Payton had the north side, Mary had the south side, Mark had the east side, and I had the west side. We were parked north of the woods. That made Payton the first to her treestand, and then was Mark was at his hut. Thirdly was Mary getting to her tree stand. Lastly, was me, because I had problems with a flat tire in the truck’s left rear tire. We actually found it when we finally got to the Moeller woods parking area. That ended up taking me an hour.
After we had all got to our tree stands and our ground huts, we got our walkie talkies out to tell everybody where we were at and when we should start hunting. Payton sent us the first call. “I am locked and loaded” Payton said “Let’s do this.” Payton got there first because we parked on the north side and her tree stand was in one of the north side trees. After about ten minutes we got a call from Mark. “Guys, I am in my hut and I am ready!” said Mark “What about you guys?” After about 20 minutes Mary called. “Ready!” she said screaming into the walkie talkie. She never got the point of just regularly talking into a walkie talkie and the people on the other end can hear you just fine.
While I was getting my stuff ready, I heard three powerful gun shots that had been very speedily fired. I was wondering which one of my friends had shot their gun and why? Maybe they had already seen a deer, or maybe something bad happened. We have all hunted before, but that was together. I would just have to wait and see what they got. Hopefully it was the big 22 pointer of Baker Town. That would be such a trophy. We got the call on our walkie talkies from Mark saying, in a low, quietly excited voice,”Guys, I think I got him!” He wouldn’t say that if it wasn’t true, because if it was a joke he would’ve been in big trouble. We don’t use the walkie talking unless we got a deer or we needed help. Otherwise it would be possible that a deer could get scared off.
We had a amazing morning with the deer and I even saw a squirrel. It was pretty cool because we usually don’t see squirrels in the fall or spring. He even came right by me and sat with me! I took a picture of him too. I ended up keeping him as my pet. Payton had shot 2 bucks, both 10 pointers. Mary got 1 doe and 1 buck.
By lunch we, had filled almost all of our tags. Mark told us,” Hey guys, I’m fine out here, but I want to skip lunch and get the last tag filled out there because only he had a tag left and he wanted to make sure he got another nice buck to add to the big 22 pointer. We were done at lunch so Mary, Payton and I went back to the truck to drive to the store to see if we could get some more tags and get Mark some pants. We got Mark some new pants, but we couldn’t get anymore tags. Apparently you can only buy 2 per person. So we went back.”Hey, Mary.” Mark had told Mary,”I got another one.”
After we had left the store, we went to get something to eat. We got some strange looks from the people in the restaurant because we still had all of our facepaint and our camouflage on. During lunch Mary had two hamburgers, medium french fries, A small smoothie, and some water. Payton had a cheeseburger and a small pepsi. I got Mark’s and my food to take home, so when we all had finished hunting for the night Mark and I would have somthing to eat.  I got two cheeseburger, two large french fries, a large Mtn Dew for Mark and a medium pepsi for me to-go. I payed for our food then we left the restaurant.
Once Mark and I got done eating, we left for Mollers Woods again. We were going to stop by the house, but Mark said “No, we will waste time if we go to the apartment.”To make sure I said “Are you sure mark, we have enough time.” Mary said, “ Mark you should get changed. That way in the pictures you will look better.”He again replied, “we will waste time if we go to the apartment.” So we listened to him since he had insisted. It was a little past three then with about six hours left. When we got there, we just started to pack up our stuff because we didn’t have anymore tags left. While we were getting our stuff, we started to mess around.
Thats when we called Mark on the walkie talkie and I told him,”Get back here! We have to go to the movie “Catching Fire”  is playing tonight.” He didn’t respond. “Mark?!?!” I said in a questionably and uncertain tone in my voice. I was getting concerned, but he probably is just going to shoot another buck, or maybe he is in danger...
Payton, Mary and I were already waiting by the truck. We waited a little while before we called him on the walkie talkie again. We all got a little worried. We decided to send someone out to his tree stand to get him. We did rock paper scissors and Mary lost, so she had to go get him. We made sure she had a walkie talkie so she would be able to talk to use on the way there. One the way there we heard her say “Mark died.” as she started to cry. There was a silence for what seemed to be a year. Finally Payton just thought she was joking since it was April Fools Day, so she said,”Haha Mary, thats so funny I forgot to laugh.” But Mary didn’t respond clearly, we only heard a very soft whisper. “What?” Payton asked. “He is dead!” Mary said in a loud ticked off voice.”He’s dead.” She was really serious and she was furious the first time she told us, but then went in a depressing cry. After that Payton and I both went out to go see how bad it was. We tried to calm her down by saying it was going ok, but she started to hit us. It kinda hurt me since I’m a kind of a wimp. Payton had to carry her to the truck. We brought her home and tried not to think about Mark.
Mary didn’t leave her room until the day of the funeral. We had called Mark’s parents and they flew here and stayed at the Suits Inn. They didn’t want to stay at the apartment because they didn’t want to be reminded of his death or to see how crazy Mary had become.
We had the Heritage cater at the funeral. There were tons of flowers that had come in, and cards too. Almost everyone had cried. Mary was probably the worst. She had to be taken outside by Payton for a little bit, just to calm down. Payton told her,”Mary, everything is going to be fine, we all are here for you, don’t worry.”
A few months later…
Everything was just starting to settle down from the accident, but every now and then, we would have problems. Sometimes just from seeing someone that looked like him. Sometimes Mary would remember images that she had seen of Mark. It’s just absolutely gruesome. Coming up to a dead guy. Hopefully everything will be a lot better in a while.