THE MUSEUM OF THE TEN: Inside a large glass structure. The “Museum of the Ten”. Opening shot → memorial to the victims? Spherical stones, representing victims of politicide. When we look up, at the next level, high up, there are the ten prison cells, suspended in air, spread evenly. Ten cells. Bridges from the edges of the museum connect them (for food, etc.), pipes / wires / sewage / dendrites run between them in some way. Third upper level, very high up, a roof glass structure above and around the perimeter, up very high -- these are the archives.
"Look Around": click on archives, dendrites, and museum exhibit one to get information - After all three objects were clicked on, there’s an (animated) scene.
School groups and members of the public are walking around the memorial. Teacher gathers / leads group at the memorial -- we see Bird (in regular clothes) and Laya (in uniform; her uniform in close-up has a little name plate saying “trainee guard”).
A Salesman/Guide appears in front of MONO. Eerie, mystical figure: “ Do you want to buy a memorial stone?” He pauses. Looks at Mono: “Something is going to happen. Pay attention. Be safe. You will need to act.”
“What do you mean?”
Purchase a memorial stone