<i>Once upon a time... there lived a girl named Jade.She very lively and bubbly girl but not girly as all girls.She doesn't like to shop,Pink isn't her favorite color,She doesn't like romantic movies,She isn't clingy,She isn't open to all.This doesn't make her tom-boy but still she is a girl with some boyish attitude in her.</i>
<i>That was Jade now comes her small little world where she is the youngest of all in her family of five.Her father Mr. Wilson is a banker Her mother is a housewife she has two elder siblings a brother and a sister.Being the youngest of all she has everything?Love,care,affection?.</i>
<i>Jade was far more closer to her sister than her family.She always believed no matter what she will always be the one closer to her.She was very found of her dad.To her he was the best person in the entire world and so is her mom.She doesn't like to stay away from her home though she visits her granny's place she must in the evening be back to her own place she was good to stay at the day time but nights weren't okay to stay at other places though it's her granny's place or whose ever place it may be.</i>
<i>She has always seen her parents happy with her elders scoring good grades,their behavior and everything they do.Her mother being happy was the only thing that she always noticed though she mocked her for the way she spoke to her sister and brother.She always wanted to see her mother smiling no matter what it would take.</i>
<i>She was always good at her grades,dancing was like her life she enjoyed the most but still she wasn't happy she wanted something that made her happy with her grades but that never happened there was something that always made her feel she was nothing.It was not that she was not happy of what her grades were but the fear of loosing the grades she had and getting more grades if she failed to get more higher grades then what?This thought and fear always took over her and she maintained the constant grades which made her parents feel that she always would get the same no matter what or how much ever she studied.This thought of her parents always hurt her but she couldn't say it she would yell but just for 5 minutes that 5 minutes were like something magic that made her forget that she failed but she had something with her...She topped from her schooling her grandfather said her You are good but not as your elder sister this made her feel worst than a person who fails she had tears in her eyes but she stopped them.</i>
<i>She joined her college.She got some disease at that moment that made her forget what she learnt.</i>
<i>"One day she forgot her way back to home she almost walked for 2 hours and then one of the guards standing on the road asked her as to where was she going she said she is on her way to home.He then asked her address she said him the address and he asked her Did she knew where she was right now?She said "No".He then said you walked 10 km away from where you live she looked at him and when she saw the place nicely she then realized she doesn't know the place."</i>
<i>It was the day that made her realize how worst his health and how is that effected her health.She got her result and she failed her exam for the first in her life.She didn't react to it her mom,sister and brother were yelling at her as to why did she fail but she didn't answer.It was about a month that she didn't believe she failed her examination.She then gave her exams and passed her secondary examinations.</i>
During her examinations her granny passed <i>away.Her granny was not well and she saw her taking so many medications that she one day she prayed "Isn't that best for her at this to die than to live like this suffering and taking so much of medication which her body could not take." A week later her dad comes to her college and takes her home on her way she asks him as why is he taking her home back but he doesn't answer her.When she reaches home she sees everyone crying around her.Her Granny's body is in front of her covered in white cloth her mother crying badly saying-"I lost my mother she is no more." She just stands there in front of her body and walks away into the other room.</i>