Opposite Love

By: Eddie Jones III

<b>Eddie Jones III, age 18/ Jessica Gaither, age 18/Jashua Cross, age 18. Approximately 3 years and 6 months later, year 2019.</b>
One afternoon at 12:30 PM, during Summer Vacation, sometime after Eddie graduated High School, when a new walking path has formed when Eddie just happened to have stumbled upon it one faithful day when he was exploring, Eddie, Jash, and Jessica were walking back to their respective homes at about 02:15 PM, when Jash decided to make a small conversation. "Hey, Eddie." "What's up, Jash?", Eddie responded. Jash walks closer. "Do you think you and Jessica are gonna make a great couple?", Jash whispered. Eddie looks away and blushes while smiling embarrassingly. "...Not in a million years," He whispered back. Jessica heard the conversation and blushed in response. "She's too uptight, and totally tsundere. She'll never admit it, let alone say it," Eddie whispers with his trademark smirk. Jessica overhears this and chases Eddie, who realizes his mistake and takes off running. "Get back here, coward!" Jessica yells after Eddie. "No, thanks, I think that'll make it worse!" Eddie yells back. After 30 seconds of running, they find themselves in a dense forest. Eddie realizes this and slows down a little to appreciate the environment, forgetting that Jessica was still hot on his trail. "Hyaah!!" Jessica yelled as she tackled Eddie to the ground. As she does this, Eddie finds himself on his back...with Jessica on top of him. As Eddie and Jessica come back to their senses, they both blush furiously. Jessica quickly squirms to get off him and stumbles to her feet. "D-don't make me chase after you like that...baka..." Jessica said, her head turned to the side, blushing. "Your tsundere side is showing again..." Eddie teases with a childish smile on his face while waving his finger. He was right. Jessica did still like him, but she was too shy to admit it. After about a year since they met, she was a little more fond of him, despite being frenemies. Eddie felt the same way, and wanted to admit it, but he was still afraid of rejection. After two years, he decided he wanted to tell her, but hasn't found the right moment yet. "Oh, s-shut up..." Jessica responded. At that moment, they heard thunder and saw dark clouds in the distant. "...We should find a good place to stay dry..." Eddie stated with a worried look. "...Yeah, let's hurry." Jessica agreed. After a few minutes of walking, they come to a large cave right in the middle of the forest with it's sturdy structure. "...Hey, I've heard of this cave. This was formed about 3 weeks ago," Eddie says in an amazed tone with his now deeper voice. And with that, they stepped into the cave, relieved that they outran the storm, as soon as they thought that, it started raining. Hard. Better being in an unfamiliar cave than sick and soaking wet. "Welp, looks like we're gonna be in here a while, so go ahead and get comfortable... I'm glad we got here when we could." Eddie says as he sits down in a corner in the cave with a relieved expression his face. <i>'Get comfortable...' </i>Jessica mentally repeated those words. As she thought this, she blushed bright pink and got comfortable next to Eddie in the corner after setting her backpack aside next to Eddie's. "J-Jessica..." Eddie said, slightly flustered. "D-don't get the wrong idea..." Jessica trailed off. "Baka?" Eddie continued. Jessica giggles. "Yeah...baka." Jessica agreed. Eddie smiles warmly, blushing a little. "So, Eddie, how did you know about this cave?" Jessica asked, trying to start a new topic. "I learned from History," Eddie replied honestly. Jessica was surprised. She would never expect Eddie, of all people, to actually study and even think about History. "Wow, you actually studied something? I'm impressed. I thought you would stay dumb." "I'm not stupid, I just never liked to study for my old subjects," Eddie stated, pouting. "Hehe~I'm just joking. You had to learn something, sometime." Jessica states. Eddie's pout turns back into a calming smile. "Yeah, you're probably right." Eddie agrees. Eddie turns to look at the rain, when Jessica places a hand on his shoulder. "Eddie..." she says softly to him. "Y-yes...?" Eddie responded, turning back to face her. "Do you still like me, Eddie...?" Jessica asks nervously. "Y-yeah, I always have..." Eddie answers. Jessica could feel her heart racing as she heard his reply. She took a deep breath to calm her heart and looked Eddie straight in his eyes. "Eddie...there's something I've wanted to tell you for a long time..." Jessica started. "What is it?" Eddie responded. Jessica's heart was beating a mile a minute, and she was lucky he didn't hear it. "Eddie... you know all those other boys I dated and broke up with?" "Yeah, what about them?" Eddie asked, raising a brow. "Well...they weren't like you, Eddie...they were creeps, jerks, hypocrites... but...you...you're not like them. You're funny, cool, smart...at least sometimes...but, I think you're better than all the others...you even except my tsundere tendencies..." She reaches her hand up to his cheek. "Eddie...I love you." She finally confessed. "..." There was silence from Eddie, who had a shocked look on his face, which soon turned into a blushing, gentle smile. "...Jessica...I love you, too." He confessed back. At that moment, Jessica smiled happily with her hand caressing his cheek. Eddie's heart was racing with hers, too. "Hmhm~I can hear your heart beat..." Jessica teased. Eddie was flustered when she said that, but embraced it, because that's how he felt. Suddenly his nose was dripping blood. Jessica noticed this and smirked. "Hehe...were you thinking something lewd or naughty~?" Jessica teased. "N-no, I was just..." Eddie trailed off into silence. Jessica gently wiped the blood off his nose with her finger. "It's okay, Eddie, just let me pleasure you..." Jessica said seductively. Eddie shivers in stimulation as he can feel his spine tingles a cold and familiar tingle. Jessica then leaned closer until their faces were only a centimeter apart. Her heart pounding, Jessica planted her lips on Eddie's, blushing like crazy. Her tongue struggling to find Eddie's, wrapped her arms around his neck to pull him closer. Eddie eventually gave in and gave her his tongue. After several minutes of kissing passionately, he caressed Jessica's thigh with her on top of him. Jessica feels this and blushes heavily, still passionately french-kissing him. She pulls away. "You ready for this, Eddie...?" Jessica asked seductively. "Whenever you're ready..." Eddie says softly. After 10 minutes, when the rain had stopped, Jash starts looking for Eddie and Jessica. He eventually stumbles onto a sturdy looking cave. Jash peeks in, but it's too dark for him to see. Jash then clears his throat. "Eddie, Jess, are you in there?" Jash calls out, but unfortunately, it was too deep for them to hear him, despite the fact that he's the loudest in the group. He then hears various noises inside the cave and sees Eddie's and Jessica's backpacks just right on the edge of the cave. "...I think I'm just gonna leave them to it...I'm way too scared to go in there..." Jash says to himself. He finds a nearby place to sit in the shade, oddly dry enough. After 10 minutes, he hears the noises to get louder and louder, until he hears a splashing sound, to which he shudders, and the noises stop altogether. He looks up a the sky, not wanting to know what that was he just heard. He sighs. "I guess love comes in many forms, huh?" Jash asks himself, staring at the sky with a hopeful look on his face. Maybe he will find love someday. A new romance has sprung.