The Killer

Doni, Patrick, and Josean

There it was, a strange man was carrying a big bag. It was dripping blood all over the place. The bag was hidden somewhere in a strange old house. At that time, there was a detective around that place that saw the man without any sound he investigates the man footsteps. There was blood on the way to the house. With all the evidence he gathered, he .thinks that it was a body. Then he followed the man to the house. He didn’t find the man but he found the bag. When he checked, it was filled with animal body. His assumption was wrong. He then think that he got the wrong bag. Finally, he went home without a body found. He doesn’t want to get caught. So, he goes back there the next day. Will the detective find the real body? Or maybe there is no body to begin with.
Time pass by and the detective still was curious about the man and the real bag. After a week, the detective went to the same house again to investigate more. He searches for more evidence. He found a gun that is unusual for hunting animals. Usually people use a hunting rifle, but the man had a gun. When he was searching for more evidence, he found a secret room under the house full of bags that smells. It really smelled like a human dead body. When he opened one of the bags, it was actually dead person. So, it was true that there is a dead body.
Donizeti Don Dizzi Hendrawan
Patrick Wiratama
Josean Kalindra